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RA’s star just keeps risin.’ I’m rockin’ out!!


Seems only a couple of days ago that Richard Armitage had moved to number 68 in rank of actors at IMDB. Today, however, he’s moved all the way to number 4!! Wow, his star just keeps rising and rising–not that I am surprised.


USA Today photo. Oh, my, how he can turn it on.

USA Today photo. Oh,my,how he can turn it on.

Martin Freeman is at number 2 and Sir Ian McKellen at number 9, so it’s “all in the (Hobbity) family,” it seems. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving fellow! It seems the world is finally catching on to what some of us have known for years: Richard Armitage is an actor to watch.  And watch. And listen to. And revel in . . .


BeFunky_A9BYrZgCMAAzY1nstllarEveryone’s just star struck by our blue-eyed boy.

Because he is our ultimate celebrity crush, our gorgeous, sweet fantasy . . .


What I find myself wishing for . . .



This has been a favorite Christmas song of mine ever since I find heard it on the last Bing Crosby Christmas special in 1977, aired a short time after Bing passed away: “Little Drummer Boy” with counterpoint “Peace on Earth.”  Such an unlikely pairing–androgynous glam rocker David Bowie and old school crooner Ba-Ba-Ba-Bing–and it yet it worked so beautifully.  In the wake of recent events, I find myself wondering once again–“Peace on earth, can it be . . .”  It’s what I wish for us all in this holiday season. Peace, love, kindness, joy.





The dwarves are still kicking arse at the box office, it seems.


This from England’s Daily Mail on Sunday:

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has broken two US records at the box office to become the highest grossing Christmas movie of all time.

Peter Jackson’s adaptation of JRR Tolkien’s classic novel kicked off with takings of $37.5 million – the biggest December Friday opener in domestic history.

The film then took $28.1 million on Saturday to claim the record of the largest December weekend at the American ticket office, even without Sunday’s takings being calculated. Warner Brothers are predicting the movie could earn over $85 million in the U.S. for the whole weekend.


In spite of those mixed reviews, it seems TH is doing just fine at the box office. Which leads me to think that Peter Jackson and Tolkien may, in fact, be critic-proof as some have suggested, and that many movie-goers don’t really care what critics think, anyway. Good word-of-mouth doesn’t hurt either.  Not to downplay the contributions of others, but I do like to think many people are telling their friends, “You’ve got to see it–just for Thorin. He’s terrific!”