The dwarves are still kicking arse at the box office, it seems.


This from England’s Daily Mail on Sunday:

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has broken two US records at the box office to become the highest grossing Christmas movie of all time.

Peter Jackson’s adaptation of JRR Tolkien’s classic novel kicked off with takings of $37.5 million – the biggest December Friday opener in domestic history.

The film then took $28.1 million on Saturday to claim the record of the largest December weekend at the American ticket office, even without Sunday’s takings being calculated. Warner Brothers are predicting the movie could earn over $85 million in the U.S. for the whole weekend.


In spite of those mixed reviews, it seems TH is doing just fine at the box office. Which leads me to think that Peter Jackson and Tolkien may, in fact, be critic-proof as some have suggested, and that many movie-goers don’t really care what critics think, anyway. Good word-of-mouth doesn’t hurt either.  Not to downplay the contributions of others, but I do like to think many people are telling their friends, “You’ve got to see it–just for Thorin. He’s terrific!”



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    • Yeah, sure it could be better–things could almost always be better, but it could also most definitely be WORSE,too. I think it’s going to be fine in the long-term. Audiences are liking it overall and I suspect many fans will be going back for repeat viewings at later dates. I am going back to see it in 2D myself. I don’t think Sir Peter will have to consider himself a failure if it doesn’t do a billion dollars at the box office. It’ll still make money. I just think he needs to edit more judiciously.

      • Like you Angie I’ll rewatch it in 2D and I think that the best critics come from the movie-goers themselves and not from sometimes very snobbish professional reviewers !!! In France for example reviews are mixed but the public seems more enthusiastic.

  1. I think it is one of those films that a lot of people, fans of the book and non-fans will make a point of seeing. At a family Christmas party on Friday, my nephew announced that he was seeing it that evening upon which there were cries of delight from everyone and chants of “The Hobbit, The Hobbit!” My youngest son and girlfriend are seeing it this week. I’ll be seeing it at least twice at the cinema, once with hubby and once again with my best friend who appreciates the delectable RA! This will surely add nicely to the tally of people world-wide keen to see it.

    • Yeah, I agree. The boys sitting in front of me (guessing 12-13) really seemed to enjoy it. And were also very well behaved, but that might have something to do with dad sitting close by. 😉 I am sure my sister and her adult children will be seeing it during Christmas as they have a holiday tradition of going to the “big’ films over the holidays. Most children will be getting out of school for the Christmas break soon here and I suspect many will be going to see this. We had light attendance at the 1 p.m. showing yesterday (not many cars in parking lot period, so same with all films) but as we were leaving people were pouring in so I suspect they added to the Hobbit numbers (it was showing in three theatres–one HFR 3D, reg 3D and 2D) As I’ve said, I am sure it’s going to do just fine. 😉

  2. My nephews have seen it (in Hungarian) and liked it! I’ve seen it twice! Probably will go back to see it a 3rd time with a friend, if I can find a cinema which has the original language version. 🙂

  3. Haven’t seen it yet going bet Christmas and New Year but my youngest nephew (23) went today. His comments: Glad I ignored some of the critics it was brilliant Gollem is hilairious. Now my nephew is a Tolkien fan and has always loved LOTR & TH when I asked him what he thought of Richard (now don’t forget both him & his elder brother are always teasing me about my RA obbession) he said He plays an intense role doesn’t smile much until the end but he was AWSOME. Not bad from a nephew who thinks their old aunty (56) is a bit do lally over Richard lol.

    • He is awesome! I kept thinking about him last night when I couldn’t sleep due to some pain issues. I could see his face before me–he gets lots of close-ups in this film, BTW–and oh, those EYES!! Sometimes you just have to ignore the critics. There have been some films the critics loved that I didn’t. As I said to Benny, it’s as much subjective as objective. One person may LOVE a film and think the acting, direction, scripting is great; another may think it all stinks. And they saw the same movie!

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