A well-thought-out essay by archedcory featured on DJ’s blog re Uncle Thorin and his sister-sons. Definitely worth reading (there are spoilers if you haven’t seen film).

Heirs of Durin


In Defense of Fili, Kili and Thorin Oakenshield – an Appreciation Beyond Hot Dwarves.

[Originally written in German by ArchedCory and translated to English, with editing by D.J.]

*Movie and end of book spoilers* – You’ve been warned!

In regards the royal trio, there has been much complaining over the past year: Too undwarven, too handsome, not enough beard… It is too bad that many people never got past this. Yes, we already know plenty of reasons for their appearance – there are 13 dwarves and we need to distinguish them, etc…but I turned away from the topic of appearance a long time ago to dig deeper into the matter instead. Though I never liked Thorin in the book, Fili and Kili were my favourite dwarves from my first reading of the story. But because the three of them are related to each other, I gathered information about all of…

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