Richard Armitage is not my guilty pleasure.

Richard meeting fans at Comic-Con. Courtesy of cambear/RA Net.

Richard meeting fans at Comic-Con. Courtesy of cambear/RA Net.

Oh, yes, he gives me pleasure on a number of levels. The truth is, I don’t feel in the least bit guilty over my adoration, admiration and entire fangurl crush over Richard Crispin Armitage.


I can relate to Richard. He also came from a middle-class background, without the perks and privileges of the well-heeled upper class. He doesn’t have a college degree from a prestigious university as do some of his acting contemporaries. Doesn’t diminish him at all in my eyes.

He may be no intellectual, but then neither am I.  I have no doubt, however, the man’s plenty smart. He’s a reader who keeps a stack of books by his bed. He also continues to blossom as a writer.

Richard puts a tremendous amount of time and effort into researching and preparing for his roles, reading background material and creating a backstory for his characters through detailed journals. He doesn’t mind going to scriptwriters and directors with his own ideas for the character and/or the production, either. And he throws himself into whatever is demanded of him, from horseback riding to weaponry skills to learning how to use a new head of hair to best advantage with a role (think of his extensions for S3 RH).

Richard practicing combat techniques with fellow dwarves for The Hobbit.

Richard practicing combat techniques with fellow dwarves for The Hobbit.

He puts his mind, heart and his soul into crafting each character, and it shows. Even when I hate what the scriptwriters are offering us–the downfall of Lucas North, for example–I cannot fault what he manages to bring to the screen. The man really can make a slk purse out of a sow’s ear.

I came to know him as an actor on the small screen–Robin Hood, Spooks and Strikeback, and all the DVDs of his other performances. But Richard also impresses on the big screen, as we have witnessed watching him blow audiences away with a magnetic, intense performance as Thorin, the charismatic, conflicted dwarf king without a throne, determined to reclaim his people’s homeland. A courageous warrior also dedicated to looking out for his two eager but inexperienced young nephews.


Richard is a detailed and consummate character actor inhabiting a handsome leading man’s face and physique. The fact his starmeter at IMBD shot from 68 up to 4 in a week is surely an indicator audiences are taking notice of his impressive performance on the big screen.

Of course, it’s not just his acting ability, considerable though it is, and his dedication to his craft, that make him so appealing to me. The fact he is blindingly handsome and devastatingly sexy doesn’t hurt one bit. Six feet, two-and-a-half (or three or–whatever) inches of long, lean, dark-haired, blue-eyed grown-up male with a dazzling smile is a welcome thing; but if all that male beauty possessed a huge ego, a self-absorbed, elitist spirit and a selfish, grasping nature, well, this blog wouldn’t exist.


Richard is described by those who know him as a man of integrity, a decent human being, sublime, self-effacing, quiet, unassuming, stoical, a true gentleman. It’s the good man I see shining through those blue eyes and those grins and smiles that cements my affection, admiration and respect for him. I do believe he’s what it says he is on the tin, as the saying goes.  In a world full of B.S., I believe Richard Armitage is the real deal.   He’s that nice, down-to-earth, hard-working boy next door who just happens to be drop-dead gorgeous and very bright and talented, too.


And when I say talented, I mean multi-talented. He dances, sings, plays several musical instruments, dabbles in painting, writes—and I am certain there are more abilities I just haven’t discovered yet. He can also build bookcases and lay flooring.  He’s my sexy, Greek god-like DIY geek.

Speaking of geekiness . . . there is a certain goofiness about the man, a gorgeous nerdiness I find irresistible. He makes me smile. Makes me laugh. Makes me feel really good.

Richard letting out a big belly laugh during rehearsals for Vicar of Dibley.

Richard letting out a big belly laugh during rehearsals for Vicar of Dibley.

He’s got a wonderful sense of humor and a deliciously naughty side under that quiet, gentlemanly exterior that I also adore.  “Love on an Elevator,” indeed, Mr. A! As if you didn’t know what sort of thoughts that comment would elicit . . .

Richard Armitage inspires me, encourages me, teaches me, thrills me, moves me; he is the kindred spirit I’ve never met. He is my muse.

No, Richard is not my guilty pleasure. I don’t feel one bit of guilt over being an ardent Armitage aficionado.

And I am always ready for another serving.

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  1. Lovely! You know, I’ve been thinking about something you said..for someone who has been rather sheepish about the fan attention, he certainly has been lighting it up of late with what could be viewed as deliberately provocative comments…as if he’s just daring us 😉 I say bring it on sir! 🙂

  2. I don’t think we RA aficionados could ever feel a guilty pleasure about him, like it’s a sort of thing to hide, no that’s not the case with this man who has certainly proved during this intensive weeks, that he is simply magnificent. You said it much better that I could. Love reading your posts cause it’s like reading some of my own thoughts.
    Thanks Angie and thank you Richard for being the one that gave way to this community in which I found very kindred spirits! 😀

    • Someone on another blog commented that Richard was something of a guilty pleasure for her, and I honestly couldn’t understand that. What’s there to feel guilty about?? He’s the total package in a crush as far as I am concerned. He’s someone to admire and respect. 😀 And look at all the lovely people around the world he has brought together! 😀

  3. i never tire of your eloquent descriptions of our fav actor! Could read several of them each day! Keep on expressing admiration on all our behalfs, Angie! Three exclamation marks – an enthusiastic start to a busy day! OK, four.

  4. I don’t feel guilty about admiring Richard either. It simply confirms that I have great taste in men…LOL

    I personally believe that Richard is enjoying all the attention that he is getting of late and that is not a bad thing. In the past he has stated that he does not care much for the red carpet but from my observations I think that he has come to really enjoy it now along with the interviews. He looks more comfortable doing them now and is revealing more of his sense of humor and “naughty” side.

    I always believed that there is a part of Richard that wanted the attention. You can be decent, self-effacing, unassuming, but still deep down want some level of attention. I never totally bought into the shy demure description of him. Perhaps RA simply has a quiet demeanor that people tend to mistake for shyness. Richard was also brought up very well by his parents so he is very much a gentleman and not boastful, however, acting is not a career that you choose if you don’t want to be noticed and I think that is fine. It is not a crime to want attention. As long as Richard keeps it all in perspective I do not see anything wrong with it. Unfortunately, with attention and fame as an actor you also lose much of your privacy and that I can see would be something Richard would not want but it comes with the territory.

  5. Oh, speaking of interviews Richard had better keep track of what he says. I already caught him contradicting himself. In one interview he said that he hated having the beard for so long and could not wait to shave it off when it was over. In another interview he told the reporter that he loved the beard when asked the same question about how he felt about wearing the beard for almost two years.

    • People change their views over time, Xenia. For example, there was a time (in the late 1970s) when I thought I would never use the internet with pleasure.

      • I understand that Angie but he made both statements in the same week. Plus this is a little different. He said that he hated it the whole time and could not wait to shave it, Then he told the other reporter that he loved having the beard the whole time and could not wait to grow it back.. It cannot be both at the same time.

        • Uhm–I think you are meaning to respond to Leigh, perhaps? 😉 I will say this. Richard has often expressed a sort of contradictory nature. When he’s playing an action role, he has said he wants to be in a parlor, sipping tea. And when he’s in the parlor sipping tea, he wants to be out shooting guns and kicking ass. And in one interview I saw/read (there have been too many to keep up with) he said he was so happy to be able to shave the beard, and then he found he missed it when it was gone and was looking forward to growing it back. Conflicted feelings. Those you can have. 😉 As for contradicting himself in interviews, I suspect the man just gets tired and his brain isn’t operating at optimum level. I am still not sure how tall he actually is. LOL

          • I think that Richard was most likely tired and did not realize that he was contradicting himself. It does not diminish him in my eyes. He is human like the rest of us. Just a little more handsome and sexy than most. 🙂

            • True. I have wondered if he fudged slightly on his height when he was working in musical theatre because being too tall as a male dancer can be considered a disadvantage. So he officially became 6’2″ when he was actually a little taller than that. JA was supposed to be 6 feet tall and RA always seemed more than a couple of inches taller than Jonas was . . . or maybe JA lied about his height. 😉

        • Computers never terrified me but it did take me years to get one because I was not convinced that I needed one. By the time I got around to purchasing my first one the prices had dropped considerably. Now my laptop is like a lifeline. I have not had a desktop PC at home in years but I am going to treat myself to one of the new ones that do not have a tower. It is like a big ipad tablet and some even have touchscreen capabilities. HP has a nice widescreen one that is very reasonably priced. It does come with a separate keyboard, and thank goodness that I won’t have to make room for a huge tower sitting on the floor.

          • I was never afraid, but when you have to write code in binary and hex using punchcards, then beg for time on a mainframe, as we had to do once upon a time, the computer is a tool for work — no fun at all — and in my life, that was all it could be until last year.

            • I am getting a kick out of reading that the iMacs at work went on the fritz. I get so tired of Mac snobs telling me how perfect and flawless Mac computers are. I love my HP Pavilion.

              • Xenia, my husband and I took a certain perverse pleasure in it, too–my old boss and some of my co-workers were Mac snobs and we as PC people got tired of constantly hearing how much better Macs were. Well, when my iMac at work bit the dust after a ridiculously short time and had to be sent away, guess what I used? Yep, my trusty old PC laptop. And apparently the half-dozen or so IMacs the paper bought in a batch was a bad batch. Every few months another would start going down. Yes, I wore out my Toshiba, but brother, I got a lot of use out of it first. I’m loving this HP laptop now.

  6. I LOVE this 60 second RA interview.

    Richard made me laugh when he admits to being vain. I agree with him about twitter. I don’t get it either. I tried to get into to it but I find twitter boring and serving no purpose.

    • Actually, Twitter has been a great way for me to keep up with the latest stuff re Richard. Even before it shows up at RANet and other sites. I don’t stay on it 24/7 the way some people do, but it has come in handy with the flurry of Richarding going on. And it’s another way to promote my blog, too.

      • Twitter is good for blog promotion, but when it comes to promoting my own blog I have been mostly lazy about it. I only just started to promote it using Pinterest. Somehow though people are managing to find it without twitter.

        • If I had been working full-time in a regular 9-5 job I wouldn’t have had time to do it, either. As it is, I’ve gone chunks of time where I am not on there. And even now I just can’t keep up with Twitter and facebook–which I haven’t been on in eons, frankly. Too much is too much. I have to say I met some cool ppl from around the world on Twitter.

      • Don’t have time to do the whole Twitter thing. I barely have enough time for this. Oh, look, I’m late for work!!!

  7. How lovely was wakening up today and reading this post! Great, great words, Angie! If there is something Richard could not be is a guilty pleasure. Admiring him and “being an ardent Armitage aficionado” would never be a reason to be ashamed for. And he deserves all recognition in the world! 😉

  8. Dear Fedoralady, Great post I agree with all the above comments.

    As my Mum and I are off to Ireland on Friday, I would like to wish you and your dear husband and family and everyone who comments on your blog, a very Happy Christmas and Peaceful New Year. I will catch up with you all, on my return home.

  9. Richard is just a pleasure, all around! I have no time to feel guilty about someone so sweet, sexy, and down to earth. Reading about him and watching him act or give an interview can make my day! However, that said, I’ve only let about 4 people in RL know that I have this obsession with RA. So what does that say…not guilty but maybe a little embarrassed about being smitten by an actor! 😉

    • I guess after seeing Richard in so many interviews of late and his behind-the-scenes video for Glamour UK, I feel as if I have a better grasp of how he approaches various aspects of what he does. Or maybe not. LOL

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