Because these two are just TOO adorable.


If you haven’t seen these two videos from Cinemax–“60 Seconds with Richard Armitage” & “60 Seconds with Martin Freeman”–you must watch them. In fact, you will probably watch them over and over. Our boys do Q & A with each other. So funny. And informative! 😉

Also, be sure and check out this link to addiesmum on Tumblr. Nothing like a double geeky thumbs up!



Martin & Armitage--adding ho-ho-hos to our holidays.

Martin & Armitage–adding ho-ho-hos to our holidays.

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  1. I’ve been laughing since yesterday! So funny. Mr. A is the perfect foil for Martin’s comedy.
    I shared these with my hubby last evening, and he LOL’d as much as I did. (I’m thinking these two might have a new fan in hubby. *giggle*)

    • I watched them over and over last night. Hilarious! I need to show them to Benny, too. I think he’d get a hoot out of it. Richard tossing his head as he talked about his horse enjoying tossing her locks too LOL They really are such a great time. I remember the days of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. Well, now we have Martin and Freeman to entertain us 😉

      • The whole head tossing bit … the two of them. Did you see this — — on Tumblr? (starts laughing again)

        Funny you should mention Martin & Lewis. That’s exactly who hubby said they reminded him of. Straight man Dean to funny guy Jerry. I think we know who’d be in which role this go ’round. 😉 Be sure to let us know what Benny thinks!

        • I did see that! It was so funny. Yeah, I think Richard would be the handsome urbane straight man and Martin the goofy funny guy, definitely. 😀 Loved how Rich jumped in and emphasized milky FOOT substance LOL

  2. These are hilarious…the interplay is fantastic. I hadn’t realized how funny (or blue) Martin Freeman is. I thought I was going to fall out of my chair over the whole ‘milky substance’ conversation! Ahhh, good times!

  3. OMG this was so funny. Richard is such a sweetie looks like they got on really well together. I do love it when Richard really, really laughs!!

  4. When he laughs (such an adorable laugh) and claps his hands you just know he’s having a whale of a time!! These two interviewing eachother are, I believe, the best interviews ever! I’ve already lost count of how many times I’ve watched them and I laugh just as much each and ever time! 😀 It is very obvious that they have an amazing rapport with eachother.

  5. I’ve loved everything that’s come out of the Hobbit promotion tour but these two interviews and the Maori greeting photo of Richard are really something special. I’ve watched the clips over and over, and every time I see him rubbing noses with that lovely, lucky woman I feel my heart being squeezed. His comment about sharing the “hair thing” with his horse is priceless. And his laugh…my god, it does me in every time.

    • I used that Maori greeting picture in one of my Christmas greetings. His smile is so beautiful there. And the interviews–ohhhh. Delightful. I think I have to watch my Thorin: King Under the Hair video again.

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