I love it when I read stuff like this about Richard Armitage.


Here’s a comment made by ElizaAnderson at Heirs of Durin:

Thorin is certainly more likeable in the movie – probably because you get more of the “why he is the way he is” than you do in the book (until you read the appendices in “Return of the King”), and also because of Richard Armitage’s fantastic acting. I had never even heard of him before this movie, but he’s so intense, he’s marvelous at the nuances of facial expression – and he also has a lovely baritone, such that the Song of the Misty Mountains has been stuck in my head nonstop since seeing the movie the first time. (All of them did a great job with that – those chords are absolutely delicious. Basses and baritones, how I love them.)

When I read things like this it makes me smile and squee internally. And feel just a tad smug.  I can truly say I never had any doubt RA would be great in this role. He had the intensity, the regal air, the presence to pull it all off beautifully–and he did. Garnering new fans every day, our TDHBEW. And our SDHHWD. (Short Dark Hot Hairy Warrior Dwarf). 😉








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    • That’s what’s important. Whether or not it’s the biggest movie of all time, who cares? It’s the impression RA is leaving in the minds of audiences, the interest he is drawing from folks worldwide.

      • Precisely!!! And who cares if there won’t be any Oscars? So what? I hope what it will give Richard is the luxury of choice which he hasn’t had so far in his career.

        • I don’t care about Oscars, either. I feel that one day that will happen, but it’s perfectly fine if there isn’t nary a one. I know from reading online that audiences are loving this film and going back again and again to see it and that Richard is making an indelible impression on them. And that is just so wonderful. Yes, the luxury of choice which he has indeed not had, in spite of what some would suggest to be otherwise. 😉

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