More from FAULT. Or, it’s all your FAULT again, Mr. A.





Thank you, RA Central, and makingupgamesoffun at Tumblr for this RA FAULTY goodness. Oh, the eyelashes. That nose. The stubble. The biceps. The forearms and hands and . . . A song comes to mind. “I want to kiss you all over, and over again  . . .”

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  1. Oh……..goodness!!!!!! They certainly are bliss to look at Mezz, and had a profound affect on me, may I say. 😉 What is it about Richard with his eyes closed? *guh* I won’t even begin to comment on the hands and the arms. 🙂 *swoon*

  2. I could’nt bring myself to order a copy…I’ll just have to wait until some kind person posts the pictures and the article. He does look breathtaking!

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