O.M.G. The Fault Behind-the-Scenes Vid. *thud*


Words are failing me at the moment.  Enjoy.


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  1. Heartstoppingly gorgeous…But I have to say..His eyes at 1:00… Doesn’t he look as if he’d rather be somewhere else? Isnt’t there an “I wish I could fly away” sort of expression in his eyes or am I far off the mark?

    • Oh, I agree. I think the whole “wet your lips and look dumb” (the advice given to a young model once) aspect does not particularly interest him, but hey, it’s all part of the job, right, and he’s a team player. Bless his beautiful heart.

      • Yes, it’s part of the job, and aren’t WE thankful for it!!! Whooaa…Btw, I was a little surprised to find out that Fault magazine did a photoshoot with Kelly Osbourne.. I thought they were more high-brow than that. Ah well. Popular culture and all that.

      • That’s how I felt too! After watching it over and over and… you get the picture… I think I would have paid even more! WOW!! Did it EVER get hot in here! *fans self* Maybe I should keep one of those misting spray bottles handy! 😉

    • You know, I’ve been kicking myself for a while about spending that much on a mag. Benny found out and he didn’t make a fuss, but the look he gave me told me he thought I’d gone round the bend. However, having seen this–I feel soooooo much better.

      • Benny has only now begun to suspect that you’ve gone round the bend over RA?

        I just have to jump into this discussion. Judit is right–heartstoppingly gorgeous he definitely is. He doesn’t have to “act” it or put it on, he just IS.

        Yes, a photoshoot is part of his job as an actor, but the problem is that he has no character to play except himself, which has got to feel artificial to him: a shy, self-deprecating, unarrogant person who dislikes being a showoff as himself.

        Yes, he is concentrating, trying his best to cooperate, but, without a character to play and not able to relax and just be himself as he appears in interviews, in my opinion he does let a little uneasiness, a wish to be elsewhere, come through. Body language can be quite ambiguous and difficult to interpret without a context. But we of the RA Army are an intelligent, discriminating, devoted group who have been watching our boy carefully for a good while. Thus, our instincts become more trustworthy.

        I think I’ll plunk down the money for the magazine. Can’t let Angie be alone round that bend!

        • And he’s only going to be doing more and more of these types of photo shoots, so I suspect the more he does the easier it will get for him. He can adopt his “sexy male photo shoot” persona. I think he learned to project a sort of interview persona.

          Not saying that we aren’t seeing the real RA these days, but in early interviews he was clearly uncomfortable and his shyness was readily evident, not merely hinted at. Again, he was being himself and not playing a role. Look how far he’s come! As for Benny, he just can’t see spending $40 for a single copy of a magazine. And normally, neither can I. But Richard is, of course, that rare creature for whom it IS worth it. So join me round the bend!!

          • I think he’s already adopted a “sexy male photo shoot” persona, he’s had enough experience of them by now, and he’s professional enough to do the right thing by the photographer and try to give them what they want. For all we know, he may be channelling Thornton or Thorin anyway!

            I’ve been back to watch the Fault videos several more times…the effect those images of him have on me haven’t diminished one iota.

            • Very good point. Also, I should say having been behind the scenes on photo shoots for the quarterly magazine at the paper that they can put the subject through some very awkward-looking poses. But the finished product looked great. And it would be interesting to know just what thoughts ARE going through his handsome head. 😉 That’s what I love about him–you know there’s a sharp, creative mind behind those blue eyes and it makes him so much more attractive.

          • I’m already round that bend with you!! I’ll have to try really hard not to reveal to any of family all I have spent lately on Armitage-related things what with all the Hobbit merchandise and now with this magazine. TBH, I haven’t totaled the whole amount yet as I think even I would be shocked! I think this is what some have called, “spending your children’s inheritance”! Oh dear! Too bad it’s such fun. 😀

              • *giggles* !! Truthfully, my kids don’t care one bit either and never grudge a cent I spend as long as I am happy and well! How could I not be happy with this video to look at?? 😀

  2. Sorry, I do have some problems here….
    Only just when I saw this film, I somehow really cringed and felt extremely uncomfortable. I could hardly look at it, even though Richard is an eye candy as usually. It felt as if intruding in his privacy or is it more that I have this strong emotion that he is not at ease at all. Plain pictures for me are probably easier to look at than a film like this. It appears so extremely artificial, forced and strangely cool. Or am I totally wrong here??
    BTW I love those blue suede shoes!!!

    • I still think part of it is the way this is edited, Linda. I think they wanted this sort of cool, gorgeous, stoic masculine vibe going on here. I suspect there were some grins and perhaps even giggles we won’t see. This is Richard working, this isn’t RA sitting eating lunch with a friend or anything like that where the camera would be intrusive. I don’t think you’re wrong–I just think I am looking at it from a slightly different perspective. I think he’s focused on what he is doing. Sometimes if there was a camera on me while I am writing, I bet you’d think I was having a miserable time. Nope, just concentrating. 😀 That being said, I don’t think he’d have been happy working as a full-time male model. 😉

      • Exactly. We’re seeing a man at work. With a stylist who is not Ilaria and a couple of “fashion assistants” in a highly artificial setting. Still bloody gorgeous…

    • I totally get where you’re coming from Linda! I felt the uneasy while watching the clip (which didn’t stop me from watching it over and over again..), he did seem rather uncomfortable and looked very much as if he wanted to be somewhere else..But it IS a part of his job to be photographed like this and I’m sure he accepts it as such, and approaches it as a sort of acting gig. I think they photographer may have wanted to focus on the brooding, kind of detached side of him here and if that was the aim she pulled it off admirably well.

    • I felt the same way. I get the feeling he’d rather be anywhere else during those photo shoots. Poor baby!! But OH MY GOODNESS, he looks divine!

  3. OMG!!!! I LOVE this video. I wish that I could download it but I am unable to. I do not agree with anyone here. To me Richard does not look grumpy or like he would rather be someplace else. To me Richard looks like he is concentrating and nothing more than that. To me he also looks very much at ease. This is hardly his first photo shoot. Richard has done many of them over the years. This man is sexy and handsome as I don’t know what! I don’t know how the photographer didn’t jump his bones afterwards.

    • It downloaded for me with RealPlayer. PS I don’t think I said he was grumpy–I believe I said he was working–concentrating. I still don’t think this is his favorite part of his work, but I don’t think he was having a horrible time, either. 😉

      • I agree that this is more than likely not his favourite thing, but I also believe that if he had become uncomfortable with the way the shoot was going he could have stopped it. We are only seeing what they wish to reveal to us at the moment. I’d rather wait to see what the magazine article looks like when it finally comes out. Oh to have been a fly on the wall or a bird in all that ivy!! 😉

        And BTW Zenia, I love your comment and the last two sentences are priceless!! 😀

        • Exactly, Teuchter. I don’t think we need to go into Armitage Protective Mode and feel sorry for him or worry about him. He was working, he was focusing in the job at hand and never discount the effect judicious editing can have on a piece of video. 😉 Now of course, I can’t wait to get my mitts on the magazine next month–which is exactly the effect the FAULT people wanted to have on us. They are no fools . . .

        • Thanks Teuchter… 🙂 I bet the photographer has photographed many very handsome men, but Richard is in a category all his own. I wonder if she tried to give Richard her phone number. OMG, I don’t see my crush on this man waning ANY time soon. When I think I finally have it in check something like this video comes out plunging me right back into love sickness.

          And er…that is Xenia not Zenia. My parents will cringe.

          • Please forgive me for the error Xenia. I sure hope your parents haven’t seen my gaffe! I’ve been sick for days with one of the nastiest colds I’ve had in a while so my head is rather thick (more so than usual) at the moment!! My only other excuse is that my best friend when I was a teen was called Zena!

            Like you, I don’t see my crush getting less as the years pass and this video has only increased it!! *sigh*

      • He has the face and body of a model but not the spirit. He doesn’t look comfortable. That said, this once again confirms my opinion that Chanel missed out big time by employing Brad Pitt and his silly beard when they probably could have had Richard ( with or without beard). He might have made their nonsensical narrative work too…. Thud.

        Is it just me or does john porter make an appearance in the grey/green t shirt?

        • Richard could have written a much better script for Chanel and delivered it so beautifully that sales of the stuff would have gone off the charts. That said, I’m glad he didn’t do it, because Chanel isn’t a product I want to see promoted, especially.

          • Why is that Leigh? I hope they don’t have a 3rd world sweatshop workforce or some other nasty practice I’m not aware of. I would hate to have to boycott my No.5 and my Coco…

            • No need to boycott that I’m aware of, Bolly. It’s just such a well-known brand that I weary of seeing it promoted to the exclusion of other and (to me) more interesting scents. The history leaves a bad taste, but I can see that Chanel did what she did to survive. That was all so long ago.

              • I love Chanel No.5 perfume. I also love the classic design of clothing that Chanel brought to women’s wear. Coco Chanel did do what she felt that she had to do to set up shop. Those were very different times that Chanel lived in. Her liaisons with men is where she received the financing, so it was not the most noble of beginnings. Years later during the height of her career and influence came a lot of claims that during WW2 Chanel was feeding information to the wrong side. There are books out about it but to my knowledge these claims have never been verified as absolute truth, although it is known that one of her lovers was sympathetic to the nazi cause. Chanel is thought to be guilty by association.

              • Wear what you love. It’s just that the scent does not suit all of us at all times in our lives. Yet many people think of Chanel No. 5 as one-size-fits-all, because that is how it is marketed. (The same thing could be said of Joy, worn by many but only attractive on few.) Cases for and against collaboration have been stated, but I don’t see a black-or-white division either. As I said, it was long ago.

  4. So glad I watched while my OH was at work, he would have thought I had finally lost it with all the giggling………….. What’s with the dodgy knitwear?
    Poor Richard…….how he suffers for his art. I shall be smiling all day.

      • It was the only article of clothing in the shoot I didn’t “get.” I’ve only ever seen that type of sleeve in a WOMAN’S sweater. Think I used to have one. I love the color and pattern of the sweater but those sleeves? Not so much. ??

        • Yeah, I could see it on a fine gauge woman’s knit. I am certainly not well versed in fashion, particulary European men’s fashion, but that chunky sweater with a 3/4 sleeve made no sense at all to me…esp with undersleeve coming out – I’m ok with having hopelessley pedestrian tastes though 🙂

          • LOL Well, I just can’t quite see Richard actually wearing something like this–whereas that lovely shawl collar sweater Ilaria put him in, oh yes. I imagine him thinking. “Where’s the rest of the bloody sleeves? Oh, the things I do for the fangurlz . . .” 😉

            • Or for fashion editors 🙂 I will never understand why designers come up with some of the things they do…like a ski sweater with short sleeves FGS! *sigh* I will continue to buy ski sweaters at Eddie Bauer – where the come with full sleeves 🙂

        • There are good knitwear designers out there, but this clearly wasn’t one of their designs. Looks like something that might have belonged to his grandmother on a bad day.

  5. Beautiful video… but too short. 😉

    I have ordered the magazine 10 days ago (special edition with Richard on cover). I can’t wait to see the pics inside… 🙂

  6. I think that Richard has the face, body and the spirit of a model. Richard is a 41 year old grown man and if he did not want to do this or any photo shoot for that matter he did not have to. Posing like a fashion model is not a requirement for giving a magazine interview about your acting career. RA does have choices and he is in charge of his own life. Sorry, but I just cannot buy this poor Richard suffering through this photo shoot for his career. During photo shoots like this you are being directced to give certain facial expressions and poses and that is what I see happening here.

    I love eveything that Richard has on for this photoshoot. Even the outfits that I don’t think he would personally get for himself. Never the less they still work well for him. I love this length of Richard hair the best and also the amount of stubble is just right.

  7. Well said! I couldn’t agree more, particularly with your statement that “he is in charge of his own life”. There is no way he HAS to do these shoots, but has in fact been doing them all the way back to 2000 and even before. I think this pic below (which might possibly be from the cover of a magazine) when they were in Japan doing Macbeth is one example, and there are other ones we have seen from even earlier dates.


  8. Thanks for the link Teuchter. I do remember seeing this photo. Whoever dressed Richard for it I hope he/she has changed careers…LOL

    Anyway, I don’t believe for one minute that Richard would sit there deliberately making “I don’t want to be here” faces while the cameras are rolling. I believe RA to be much more professional than that. I can see that his every move is being directed. Beside the photographer there is at least one other person there giving direction from the masculine hand you can see on the right of Richard and the photographer in some of the photos. I did a photo shoot back in April and your every move and pose is directed. Richard is being directed to look serious, a little brooding and even cerebral. His facial expressions is the actor in him coming out.

    You know, there is nothing wrong with seeing Richard as demure, shy and unassuming. I do believe that he is all those things too, but only to a certain point. I was actually glad that Richard admitted to being vain in the other video. I hope that Richard has bigger balls than many people give him credit for and I bet that he does. I always believed that Richard does enjoy attention but he is too much of an English gentlemen to be conceited about it. I think that he simply knows how to keep in it check and all in perspective.

    This FAULT magazine photo shoot is just one of several that Richard did this year and not one did he HAVE to do. He could have talked about The Hobbit, Thorin and his acting career without posing like a fashion model. I am sure glad that he did though.

    • No – he doesn’t HAVE to do anything but he’s at a point in his career where he probably seriously considers every publicity opportunity that comes his way and does those that he thinks will be useful to him. A lot of TH audience won’t have been aware of him previously and now is the time to capitalise on interest there is in him. I don’t like the video but i can see it might be a good way of showing an unfamiliar audience the actor behind Thorin.

      I am not saying ‘poor Richard’ – as you say, he is a big boy and can handle himself perfectly well but i still contend this is not an aspect of the job he relishes. I can’t imagine him sitting back months from now and saying “Gee that day on the Fault photo shoot was fun – i wish i could do that again!” Most of us have parts of our jobs we do only because they are necessary for the role or good for our professional development and i don’t suppose he is any different.

      I’m not sure what you mean by stating that you hope “Richard has bigger balls than many people give him credit for” . Perhaps you could elaborate.

      • Frankly, I think RA would be bored to tears working as a model full-time. Not looking down on models, please understand, I know a couple of very bright ones, but such is RA’s creative drive that spending hours striking poses day after day would likely drive him batty. But photoshoots like this are a important part of publicity for an actor–especially one who is indeed trying to strike while the iron is hot–and I am sure he is fully aware of that and willing to do whatever it takes. He’s worked too hard for too long not to take advantage of this moment in time.

        I don’t understand the balls comment, either . . .??

  9. I’m not thrilled with what he is wearing in that shot either, so I just try to focus on what else I see there – which, if I’m honest, isn’t hard! 😉 *sigh*

    I have to say that I love reading your comments, (and I truly don’t say that merely to flatter you) especially those above and, MOST particularly, the second last paragraph! 😀 There are so many times I wish I’d been able to put my thoughts into words like you have here – and elsewhere. Like you, I’m happy he does these shoots, and I’m sure there will be more to come in the future. He certainly knows how to react in front of their cameras. 😉

    • Please note that my comment above was in answer to Xenia’s one! 🙂 I guess I should have put it in the form of a reply to hers to save any confusion. 😉

  10. Hi Teuchter, Thank you for your appreciation of my sometimes renegade comments…LOL I am not trying to be deliberately contrary. I just see Richard Armitage differently than most. I read a lot of comments from other women who seem to like to paint Richard as some totally demure victim of the career path that he willingly chose. No one put a knife to Richard’s neck to put himself in the spotlight. He is a grown man over forty; not a 17 year old being forced into show business by his parents. Richard knows what he is doing and is an active participant in it. Richard does not have to do any of these photos shoots to help his career; even for those who did not know him before The Hobbit. Richard has plenty of his work out there (and photos) for the newbie fans to discover more of him. They will simply search the internet like I did after discovering him in North & South.

    I do not see Richard doing modeling full time either, but no way do I believe that he dislikes it as much as many of you think. I don’t think he dislikes them at all and if he does like them what is wrong with that?

    Bollyknickers, I sure hope that Richard did have fun doing the FAULT photo shoot and looks back on it fondly.

    Angie, I am not sure I agree with your comment that Richard would do whatever it takes to further his career. To me that is a wide open statement…lol Richard certainly is committed to acting. He has put marriage and children aside for it. Okay, maybe he would do anything for his career…lol

    I made the statement about Richard having bigger balls because I sometimes get irritated reading comments that make him out to be a victim and not in control of his own life. I know that I should not let it get to me because everyone is entitled to their opinion. I guess that I just don’t “get” why so many women talk about Richard as if he is a victim of his own circumstances. Richard chose a career path that puts you in the spotlight, therefore, to me, at some level he is seeking attention. I have no problem with that and do not see it as a character flaw. As long as Richard remains humble about it and keeps it all in perspective then I say good for him. Russell Crowe could learn a lesson or two from Richard about being humble. Richard has done enough photo shoots to realize by now in the privacy of his own mind that he is handsome and very photogenic. However, he would never comment about it because he knows that is in very bad taste. Who in their right mind would be comfortable with doing that? I don’t think that Richard ever would be comfortable talking about his physical attributes, but by now knows that he is easy on the eyes. He would also never comment about being a very talented actor, but instead would prefer to show in the work that he does. That is the humble English gentleman in him.

    • In terms of doing whatever it takes, I think you may have misunderstood me, Xenia, so let me clarify. I do NOT think Richard would engage in illegal, immoral or unethical conduct to advance as an actor. Perish the thought! 😉 What I am referring to is Richard’s willingness to tackle challenges. face fears and deal with less-than-ideal situations in order to play certain roles. He has something of a water phobia after a childhood accident. Doesn’t love swimming. But he still auditioned for and won the role of–a lifeguard! (Lee in Cold Feet) He’s been water-boarded twice on camera (Spooks and Strike Back) and was in a very small submarine that was actually submerged under a considerable amount of water in Captain America.

      He “feels the fear and does it anyway.” And I respect that in him.

      Whether it’s picking up a Geordie accent, mastering the use of a broadsword and horseback riding, or learning how to incorporate a newly acquired set of hair extensions into a character’s emotional arc, Richard is willing to do “whatever it takes” to nail the character and make it as authentic a performance as possible.

      He also wants to raise his profile to give him more opportunities and if that requires photo shoots and interviews, then so be it. Good for Richard.

      • Never once did it cross my mind that you meant anything illegal. immoral of unethical, however I can see how my statements wasn’t clear on that an in fact implied it. Oh I can be such a dope sometimes. I really wish that wordpress had that delete feature like Blogger does.

        OMG do I LOVE that video and cannot stop watching it. Thank you Richard!!!

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