Armitage (and Sir Guy) do not leave one algid: TAE Word for the Day


Algid: (adjective) cold; chilly.   A late Renaissance term,  algid is derived from the term algidus, meaning “cold.”

It’s downright cold across much of the US right now and, I suspect, lots of other places. Even here where our winters can be quite mild, a northerly wind is battering against the house in gusts and it’s certainly beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. Which is just fine with me.

After all, whenever I want to ward off the algid weather, I have only to look to Mr. Armitage and his various ChaRActers to warm me up nicely.

And who better than our man of the day, Sir Guy? Happy Guyday Friday and don’t get too algid!





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  1. “algid”, huh — a proper term to arise from the “little ice age” when even if you had all the fuel your peasants could cut and all the wool money could buy, you were still shivering. On the other hand, with dearest Guy to keep you warm, you wouldn’t feel algid, not until he had to be somewhere else.

  2. On Friday, I drove 425 miles into frozen Pennslyvania. The Pittsburgh area is algid. We went downtown to see A Christmas Carol, yesterday. The wind coming off of the river and whipping through those tall building takes your breath away! (Sort of like RA!) Brrrrr.

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