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Ho, ho, ho, RA brings the Sexy to Santa . . .

Yum. Santa Thorin is in the house.

Yum. Santa Thorin is in the house.

I, however, have no doubts he would be a sensation.

I, however, have no doubts he would be a sensation.


Wet, tousled-haired Santa with that come-hither look. Me likee.


Of course, Glamour Guy always makes a stunning Santa!

Thanks to pho.to for the sketch Santas and pizap for the other sexy Santa fanart. ‘Tis the season to be stirred! And for friends Down Under for whom it is already Christmas Eve, hope Santa RA brings you all your Christmas wishes.  Mmmmwwhhhaaaaaa.


Another excellent essay on Thorin by Tolkien scholar (and newly minted RA fan!) Susan Messer.


I recently returned from seeing “The Hobbit” for the third time.  Being a Tolkien scholar, there is obviously no shortage of themes which this film delves into which would fail to inspire me. This evening, however, I happened upon one quite by chance. As my daughter, husband, and I were making our way out of the auditorium, I heard a man speaking with his friends. He seemed to be in rather a muddled state. He asked the lady to his right why in the world would that dwarf leader have leapt off of the tree and rushed straight into a nest of bloodthirsty orcs and wargs all alone? It seemed suicidal and thoroughly dim-witted. All those in his group agreed.

Naturally, I couldn’t let this simply pass. It dawned on me that so many people out there seeing “The Hobbit”  for the first time have no background in Norse mythology.  Although the majority…

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What Jas says. Amen! My thoughts exactly.

Me, My Thoughts, and Richard Armitage

I’m starting to think that some fans have Richard Armitage on a such a high, precarious pedestal that they are resorting to putting him into the victim category as a means of preserving the godlike idol they have created. Why do I think this? Because I’ve read far too many complaints over the direction his PR handlers are taking him. Or that he’s going to be boxed in to a certain type of role. I even saw some garbage remark over being angry with Fault magazine for their video of his photoshoot.

Frankly, this seems to tell me more about the fans than it does about either Richard Armitage or his PR team. I can think of two reasons for the complaints I’ve seen. First, some fans are seeing something in the man of late that doesn’t jibe with the image they have of him. Therefore, they look for someone…

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