What Jas says. Amen! My thoughts exactly.

Me, My Thoughts, and Richard Armitage

I’m starting to think that some fans have Richard Armitage on a such a high, precarious pedestal that they are resorting to putting him into the victim category as a means of preserving the godlike idol they have created. Why do I think this? Because I’ve read far too many complaints over the direction his PR handlers are taking him. Or that he’s going to be boxed in to a certain type of role. I even saw some garbage remark over being angry with Fault magazine for their video of his photoshoot.

Frankly, this seems to tell me more about the fans than it does about either Richard Armitage or his PR team. I can think of two reasons for the complaints I’ve seen. First, some fans are seeing something in the man of late that doesn’t jibe with the image they have of him. Therefore, they look for someone…

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  1. Thanks for reblogging this, Angie, and keeping your followers who don’t frequent all those other sites informed. This discussion reminds me of a fable by La Fontaine, (probably taken from Aesop), called The Miller, His Son, and The Donkey. The moral: no matter what you do, people will criticise. Those folks just need to loosen up a bit. You help me do that every day.

    Sorry you’re feeling poorly. Your holiday pictures gave me a smile and a laugh. Hope you’ll feel better soon.

    • Thanks, Lynn. I had to take muscle relaxers and some Lor-Tab to cut the edge from the pain. Home again and with one of those rice-filled pads heated and under my back. Feels wonderful. Hope to take a little nap. 😀

  2. I second third and fourth what JAS wrote. People need to loosen up as Lynne wrote. I don’t see any valid reason to criticize the video, the photo shoot, FAULT magazine or Richard. Bless them all!

    • This one had me mystified. Obviously, if I had had a real problem with the vid I’d have never shared it with y’all in first place. I can understand why it might not suit some people’s tastes, that is fine. It is what it is. But to say it is disrespectful or objectionable just doesn’t make sense, frankly.

  3. Thank you so much for reblogging this, Angie! I’m sure I would have missed this excellent post. I totally agree to what Jas says. I had no idea there was this kind of discussion going on. Richard is a grown and intelligent man. He is very aware of the choices he makes and of what he is doing.

    • As I said, I was trying to write something in a similar vein, but being in pain and doped up it wasn’t coming together as I would wish. A lot of this sprang up on Twitter, BTW. When I saw Jas’s blog post, I saw she had captured my own viewpoint well and I decided to share it with my readers.

  4. OMG. I was waiting to see your response to all of this hullabaloo. It looked to me like they had set a “tone” for th photo shoot and that he was “acting” in the pics. When did being a fan get so so so serious? Seriously? Can everyone just chill out just a wee bit? This is what I can only imagine he has worked for almost 20 years to acheive. He looks like he’s having fun, why can’t we? Good grief.

    • Hey, girl, Merry Christmas and WTH is all this about?? LOL Exactly, they decided on the mood, the tone they wanted to create for this particular shoot and Richard was playing along like the team player he is. Yes, it’s called “acting,” he’s not suffering, he’s not being forced to do something terrible. Sheesh. In the words of the drill sergeant in “Stripes,” “Lighten up, fandom!”

  5. Oh, wow, really! I did not know this was going on. Geez folks lighten up. As stated so well by Jas RA knows what he’s doing. He may have a degree of embarrassment and uncomfortableness, but he’s a driven man. He does what he feels it takes to succeed. He’s going to ride this wave as far as he can.

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