Mmmm. I think it’s a success. Agree with Servetus’s sentiments whole-heartedly.

Me + Richard Armitage

Via Armitage Army @ Richard Armitage Central on FB:

Hobbit passes half a billion mark at box office.

[ETA: apologies for the misunderstandings I have created with this post. I didn’t want to discuss remuneration, and so I titled the post extremely ineptly. I simply wanted to remark on the success of the film. I never wanted or want to start a political discussion here. It is my fault for not thinking. Comments now closed.]

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  1. It is a success in the way that AUJ has just started to earn money. A movie has to make twice as much as it costs before it makes profit. But the number it has to reach before it can really be considered a success is around a billion. AUJ has slightly underperformed so far (some people even called it a flop) but it seem it holds well against new releases. It also does well overseas. It is currently #11:

    I hope it can make it into the top five, top three seems questionable.

  2. It’s doing very well, I think, against all of the newer releases and it’s only been out two weeks. It’s #11 out of 361, so there’s a whole lot of movies out there doing much worse and they’ve had more time to make money. I see it in the top five, and continuing to make money at the box office through January (and I’m in Europe, where typically runs are shorter and distribution is not as wide). Then there’s all the other revenue streams, followed by a DVD release presumably before the next film is released. I expect it will make that billion comfortably.

    • Yeah, I am not saying it’s going to be the biggest movie ever, but I honestly think it’s a tad premature to call it a “flop” when it has brought in that much money in two weeks. There is such a thing as unrealistic expectations! After all, some of the films on that list have been out much longer than TH. I do feel it will continue to bring in audiences well into January.

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