Possible Movie RemAkes: Richard as Atticus Finch


Original_movie_poster_for_the_film_To_Kill_a_MockingbirdIn a previous post, we’ve discussed Richard Armitage‘s versatility as an actor and chosen the roles we think best display his varied talents (see link below). So now, let’s discuss, just for the fun of it, some of our dream roles for Mr. A., focusing initially on possible remakes of classic films. This will be the first of several periodic posts on these films and your suggestions and input would be greatly welcomed and appreciated.

A principled small-town lawyer

I’ve talked before about my dream of seeing Richard take on the role of Atticus Finch, small-town southern lawyer and widowed father in To Kill a Mockingbird, based on the classic Depression-Era novel of the same name. I admit this project is one close to my heart because the novel’s author, Nell Harper Lee, is also a native Alabamian who lives in LA. (Lower Alabama). This year marked the 50th anniversary of the film.

Atticus Finch (Gregory Peck) with daughter Scout (Mary Badham).

Atticus Finch (Gregory Peck) with daughter Scout (Mary Badham).

I have also had the privilege to know a real-life Atticus Finch who was involved in one of the murder trials for a slain Civil Rights worker. He and his family received death threats during that ordeal but, like the fictional Atticus Finch, this gentleman never backed down from standing up for what he believed was right. I have a particular admiration for this sort of quiet man who speaks as loudly with his actions as he does with his words.

Atticus is a gentle and caring father and a principled man who refuses to be cowed by a group of would-be vigilantes, determined to lynch the black handyman accused of raping a white woman in the fictional town of Maycomb.



Gregory Peck is much beloved in this role, but I think Richard, who’s proven he makes a great on-camera dad (can’t wait to see him in father role in Black Sky) would be more than up to the challenge of bringing this classic American novel’s central character to the screen again.  Atticus has been described as a “quiet man with strong shoulders.” Remind you of anyone?

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  1. I think that if RA played Atticus Finch, my ovaries really might explode.

    And i would not be alone.

    This is a perfect role for RA, just as it was for Peck.

    I’m guessing you would be putting a tender in to have it filmed in Lower Alabama?

    • I am glad you and I are in agreement. 😀 I’ve thought this for a while. Oh, I am totally thinking for authenticity’s sake, it should be filmed here. And in my own county, of course. A famous indie director and his producer wife made a film here a few years ago. Had a lovely time. Friendly people, lots of southern hospitality, the perfect locales for the shoot. And if he needed assistance with a southern accent, well, I am quite well-versed . . . 😉

      • You’d be a good location scout, production coordinator, etc. You know the permitting process, the who’s who of people you need to get things done, the where to go to get stuff, what outfits do good food, suitable accommodations and negotiating rates, how to put out a call for extras — all of it. : )

        • I should get Maggie Renzi and John Sayles to put in a good word for me. They were so good to me during the filming of the Honeydripper and let me see/do a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff. 😉

  2. Richard as Atticus Finch? Oh, yes pleeeaaase! I think fifty years is a big enough gap between the original and the remake. I’ve always liked Gregory Peck as an actor, and I can’t think of anyone who is more worthy of, or would suit the role better than Richard.

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