New Vid: Our Beautiful Blue-Eyed Mr. A


Here’s a little lyrical, dancable Swedish House Mafia for you, coupled with LOTS of images of the lovely Richard using one of the many new Muvee stylings now on my laptop. Richarding does make a girl’s low spirits improve–even if she can’t get to sleep.

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  1. Wonderful job! Don’t we just love him–he looks so happy and relaxed. I can’t think of where I’ve seen so many of his gorgeous smiles strung together in one place, flashing at me so fast and furiously. And then those Fault Magazine stills. How in the world could anyone fuss at him doing them? The perfect counterpoint to all the smiles–serious beauty, beautifully framed, beautifully accompanied by an engaging song. This vid is a gem!

    • LOL when I put this together I thought to myself, “Oh, some people won’t like the FAULT stills, but what of it? Plenty of other vids to watch if they don’t.” 😉 And as you say, a counterpoint to all those smiles and grins. Contemplative beauty. All aspects of our beautiful blue-eyed boy. I don’t remember seeing so many images of him smiling as we have seen during the whole premiere and press junket for TH. As you say, happy, relaxed, confident, just dazzling. What fun to have so many to put together in one place. 😀

  2. Yes Lenneloubielat! I don’t get it too….al that whining…Is it o.k that I sat down with a stupid smile plastered to my face, thinking “Richie you are perfect” 🙂
    Great vid Angie!..and this is my favorite “smiling Richard”. I’ve read that you had some tough days Angie, I hope that you feeling better now?

    • I don’t really understand the brouhaha, either. All, well, different strokes for different folks. 😉 Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait to receive my magazine next month. 😀 Things have been a bit difficult for the family and I haven’t felt very well, Joanna, but after sleeping in on this cold wet day I am better rested. And Miz Thumper is keeping me cuddly company now. 😉

  3. Hi, Angie! I hope you’re doing well…

    What a wonderful artwork you’ve done with all those lovely pictures! Thanks for sharing it! We just can’t get enough of him, can we? I feel better know after watching your video. He has this power over us, right? By the way, I don’t understand all the Fault Magazine photoshoot “haters” either…

    • Thank you, Thais. The goal is to entertain and make others feel better through my little efforts, so it is good to know when I have succeeded. 😀 As for the “haters” of the FAULT shoot, you can’t please them all! 😉

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