Sunday Night SmoRgAsbord: Richard Incognito

Richard channeling his inner Richard III.

Richard channeling his inner Richard III.


Eat your heart out, Valentino. RA makes a fab sheik.

Eat your heart out, Valentino. RA makes a fab sheik.


Richard as 80's hairband rocker. Party on, dude!

Richard as 80’s hairband rocker. Party on, dude!


Ah, he does make such a heroic, imposing knight (in chain mail, shining armour OR black leather).

Ah, he does make such a heroic, imposing knight (in chain mail, shining armour OR black leather).


Dare I say--Giz the Gunslinger? (I salute you, Daria.)

Dare I say–Giz the Gunslinger? (I salute you, Daria.)

Artwork courtesy of Faceinhole website with additional edits made at Picmonkey.


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  1. A remake of ‘The Sheik’ is now needed, especially if Richard looks the way he does in your picture. And instead of having ‘The Son of the Sheik’ as the follow up it can be ‘The Smirk of the Sheik’.

    • Yeah, that’s actually one of Guy’s delicious smirks when he’s goading Robin in Sherwood Forest (before their scuffle and Guy getting tied to the tree-the first time). NOBODY out-smirks or out-smoulders our boy! 😉

      • But no one! Richard would make a gorgeous sheikh, wouldn’t he? Bit the politics of actually making the movie would be very iffy,

        You know how I feel about him doing a western. They still have some of the sets left in Almeria, now set up so tourists can visit.

        • You are right, he would, and yes, the politics of it would be sticky. Maybe he needs to make a period movie about making a movie playing a sultry sultan . . . 😉

          Oh, yes, we are on the same page re the western idea. I chuckled when I watched a recent Dr. Who special talking about one of the eps set in America. Filmed in Spain. 😉

              • Yeah, I know what you mean. Well, Richard says he has a vivid imagination (and I am sure it’s true) so at least we aren’t the only ones!! 😉

              • We should invite him. But I fear he is too busy now *sigh*

                I can’t wait to hear about new projects….and see Gary the teacher 😉

              • Oh, I know, I am so eager to know what is coming up for him, outside of the additional work he’ll need to do for TH. And as much as I hate tornadoes (we had another scare Christmas night) I can’t wait for one to come to the big screen with Richard in the middle of it as Gary. 😉

              • Oh my, I hope it wasn’t that bad :-/

                I have no experience with Tornados – thanks to Heaven! – but I am not a big fan of found footage movies….nevertheless I hope the movie will make it to the big screen here in Germany!

              • We were under tornado watches and warnings for most of the night. We lost power for several hours. The winds were very high and roaring and heavy rains lashing the house. Thankfully no damage here, a lot of debris. An older man was killed in the southern part of the county when a tree fell on his house and trapped him in his bed. 😦 Between tornadoes and hurricanes in recent years I have had too many real-life experiences with severe weather.

                I really am curious to see what they do with this film, however. I don’t know how widely it will be distributed but certainly hope many of RA’s fans will be able to turn out to see it!

              • That must always be disturbing and terrifying 😦
                I remember a heavy storm in my area in the early 90s that lasted more than three days and killed one man in my hometown.
                Luckily that was an exception. Usually we have moderate weather!

                Todd Garner seems to know what he is doing and because of that my hopes are high for a broad release

              • I guess it’s been in the last 20 years that we’ve really seen increase in storms. It used to be hurricanes never caused us much trouble this far inland (we are about 2 1/2 hours from coast) just rain, which we usually needed, but in the last couple of decades, we’ve seen people’s homes, businesses and cars are badly damaged, thousands of trees uprooted, and some deaths and injuries as the storms moved further inland.

                I am sure they want to capitalize on the buzz that’s going re Richard post release of TH and Todd seems to be very pleased with his performance (but would we expect anything else?)

              • It sounds like a result of the climate change 😦

                No I hadn’t expected anything else from Todd but he sounds always like he really means what he’s tweeting so it is okay….and I think he also handled all the excitement on Twitter very well 🙂

              • Yes, I think that’s the culprit. Todd doesn’t seem to be full of a lot of bull**** as some entertainment industry folks are 😉 and yes, he’s kept a good handle on all the fangurling. 😉

              • None of my comments seem to be going where they should, so I’ll be quiet now. However, I think it’s unlikely that “Black Sky” will get distribution here. I’ll have to wait for the DVD. *sigh*

              • Don’t know what happens with WP sometimes. It keeps changing settings on me when I insert media. Very annoying. 😦 Well, another reason to get that TV. 😀

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