Some sunshine for a rainy winter night.


Yeah, having fun playing with Windows Movie Maker again and its new bells and whistles. Didn’t figure you all would object. It’s another rainy night–just rain, thankfully, no thunder and lightning and tornadoes threatening–with rain forecast for every day until Friday. Had to take two muscle relaxers last night. Didn’t do a lot today . . .

Uncle is being cremated by a mortuary in Montgomery. Thursday night there is a sort of celebratory dinner in honor of Uncle at Nanny’s Restaurant. Benny’s cousin wants to take him to lunch one day to Krystal’s Hamburgers, a favorite haunt for the Long family back when you could buy a whole bagful for a couple of bucks and feed four hungry boys. Things have changed.

When Benny and Uncle used to go out once a week, Uncle would offer to pay, and Benny would always wave him off and say, “One day you can buy me a few Krystals.” So Cousin is going to keep that promise to Benny.

In case of a need for sunshine, watch video below




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  1. Thank you for this dose of sunshine! It’s much needed. Rain off and on all night here, too; thank goodness for muscle relaxers and for fierce pirate cat who can make me laugh in the midst of it all.

    I like the sound of the memorial lunch. It’s always best, I think, to celebrate the good stuff and be glad you had a chance to share it.

    • No rain right at moment, but humidity is still 100 percent. Just 30 percent chance today (as it is now officially Wednesday) but goes up tonight with colder air moving in. I think I will be having another big mug of coffee with French vanilla creamer and a generous splash of Kahlua later. πŸ˜‰ I hope fierce pirate cat is doing well. I can just imagine the swashbuckling sorts of stunts he gets up to–

      It’s a memorial supper that is meant to be a celebration, from what I understand. Those with photos of Uncle are asked to bring them (I think my sisters-in-law got all those before the Long house was sold).

      I know for both my parents I gathered photos and got easels for those that had hung on the walls showing photos of them throughout their lives and added little captions. We set those up at the funeral home for visitation and then again out in the vestibule before the church funeral. It’s a way to help honor and celebrate their lives. I also wrote their obituaries and the eulogies used at their funerals. It was a way to help me work through everything.

  2. Yes, that tricked-out coffee with Kahlua sounds like a good idea. Fierce pirate cat is doing magnificently, thieving socks and raiding the mending basket, climbing the “rigging” [drapes], and then making a soaring leap onto the bed (“Oof,” says mom) before chasing his ball across the room. (Chorus: “It is, it is, a glorious thing to be a pirate king…”) Meanwhile, gray soggy dawn sneaks up on us. Time to go make coffee and fetch Lucky his breakfast.

    I see; I hope the memorial supper at Nanny’s is a wonderful celebration of Uncle’s life.

    I am very glad you were able to be part of the funeral observances for your parents. You’re right that it helps when we have a chance to say our goodbyes that way.

    • I keep imagining Lucky decked out somewhat like Puss in boots, with a plumed hat set at a rakish angle, and a cutlass and a gorgeous pair of high boots. Such a glorious pirate king, indeed.

      I ended up writing my mother and father-in-law’s obituaries, too. And a eulogy to read at my MIL’s service. It’s what I am good at; it was my way of giving back, somehow.

  3. Uncles send off sounds like the kind of gathering he would enjoy- when my daddy died we had a proper wake as all decided he would have gated an English funeral tea. I think we did him proud..

    Muscle relaxants wipe you out don’t they? Very wise decision to stay indoors today and we are the beneficiaries with those luscious pictures- thank you for spreading the sunshine.

    We had a three year old visiting today. Despite her mother telling her Emily is not used to children she almost loved the dog to death. Once again though, Emily proved herself to be a gentle girl and took the hugs in her stride. I did see her sharing the little girls muffin at one point though!

    • I think it’s a good decision, the supper. Remembering the happier times together.

      I tend to feel very hung over after a couple of muscle relaxants, but sometimes it’s my best option, especially when the weather is like it’s been of late.

      I got my hair shampooed tonight and it’s finally almost dry. Takes hours when it’s a bit longer as it is now, and I try to let it dry naturally as much as possible. I can tell my hair is changing as I get older–more and more resistant to color the whiter it gets, and the texture is changing. It’s actually gotten curlier, or so it seems to me, and so has one of my sister’s, the other one who went prematurely grey. I have more white hair than the sister who is a decade older than I am. 😦

      Emily sounds like such a lovely doggie. I bet that three-year-old girl had a marvelous time. I am sure she was happy to share her muffin with her new friend, too. πŸ˜‰

      • The three year old didn’t mind sharing but i wasn’t sure the mother would think it hygienic! I’d been a bit nervous – i’ve had dogs all my life and my children were raised with dogs but it was an unknown child with a dog who may or may not have been around children (although knowing her history, i doubt it) but i realised fairly quickly they were going to get on just fine.

        Yes, muscle relaxants do leave a hang over – but without the party beforehand! Not fair.

        My hair is also getting wiry and colour resistant too. Sadly i started going silver (from dark brown/black) in my early 30’s. It occurred to me the other day that i’m probably completely grey naturally but have been getting it coloured every 6 weeks for 10 years so i’ve never seen it. And what if i decided to let it grow out? I’d look like a skunk for about two years!

        • I understand what you mean. People who don’t have pets and aren’t used to being around them can be a bit more reserved about “sharing.” Somehow pet hair and pet germs, etc. just don’t bother me much LOL

          I had to switch from highlighting my hair, which only had to be done every three months and looked really natural, to overall hair color when I was in my early to mid-30s. Apparently once you are more than 30 percent grey, highlighting just doesn’t work anymore. 😦

          Now my roots on top are white, a little more silvery at temples and if you go to back of my head it’s more grey streaked with dirty blonde. I don’t think it would be attractive if I let it go natural at this point. One day, assuming I live long enough and it goes completely white, I may just let it do so. Since I have stuck with my original blonde hair color the regrowth isn’t nearly as noticeable as it would be otherwise. I actually went a little lighter the last time we colored it. I sometimes think about trying lowlights on it, too. Don’t know.

          • Yes, mine is an all over colour. I have gone a bit lighter than my (original) natural colour, which was almost black, because it was too harsh on my frequent ‘tired’ days. My hairdresser keeps mentioning low lights but i’m really not sure. It’s all so boring isn’t it? Just staying the same takes so much time and effort!

            • The experts say it is better to go lighter than darker as we get older, it’s more complimentary. I’ve worn dark wigs for costumes and people comment on how the darker hair makes my eyes “pop,” but I am afraid on bad days it would also point out how tired and pale I really am. Then there’s the problem of blondish-grey brows, blonde eyelashes, facial hair–it’s just easier sticking with blonde. Yeah, it’s a pain. I am just trying not to turn into a dowdy old bag LOL

        • I always weigh pain vs. muscle-relaxer. When the pain goes to 7+, I can’t manage it with self-hypnosis and biofeedback anymore, so I give in and take a pill. I figure better to be incapacitated like that than incapacitated by pain. I don’t try to do anything clever under the influence, however. If I can sleep, I’m thrilled.

          My hair has been 99.8% white for years now, and it won’t grab colour properly. I keep it a sort of “champagne blonde” because the white isn’t a pretty white, more “dead rat dipped in flour.” It has gone back to being as curly as it was when I was little — something of a shock, actually.

          • “Dead rat dripped in flour”–now that provokes a mental image!!

            Yeah, I am not one to pop pills indiscriminately (and people who take meds like this recreationally for a high drive me nuts. I would much rather be in my right mind, such as it is, but not aching horribly, thank you very much). When I was a baby, my mother used to use a product called Nestle on my hair and I had these lovely pale yellow-blonde curls. Then it seemed to get straighter as I got older. Now it’s going back again. My dad’s family had some curly heads in their youth.

            Mama’s hair (sans perm) was still stick-straight in her later years. I haven’t touched anything on mine other than curling the bangs a little to keep out of my eyes and it’s falling in soft, loose waves and ringlets right now. Go figure.

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