You’re so vain . . . or are you?


I don’t think you are, actually–excessively vain. Although you did confess to being vain about your appearance in that delightful 60 Seconds with Richard Armitage vid for Cinemax.   And heaven knows you’ve got something to be vain about, you hunkalicious ode to masculinity, you. Yet, sometimes I don’t know if you are pulling our leg or not–cheeky monkey.

But I do know I had fun creating these:





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  1. After reading Richard’s messages, seeing his work, and other interviews, I really don’t see him as “vain”, even though I agree that he has plenty about which to be vain. If he were really that obsessed with his looks, he would have taken care of some small things that he has so far left alone. These pics are so cute. I can just imagine him trying to “pinch an inch.” LOL

    • Oh, yeah, I think if he was truly obsessively vain he might have tampered with the nose–or taken measures to remove the chicken pox scar, get rid of some of those smiley wrinkles we love, etc. Instead blessedly he’s left it all alone, the dear man. Just couldn’t resist having some fun with the pics. 😉

      • Then there’s that mole on his upper back (which we haven’t seen lately) and … So glad he’s leaving well enough alone. The dentistry works, but I know it’s a nuisance to maintain.

        • Having to be careful of staining and chipping and making sure you don’t bite into certain foods the wrong way . . . my poor old ancient veneers now desperately need to be replaced (one’s completely gone and two more are fractured and partially missing) but I can’t afford to do better. Yep, upkeep. But that smile is certainly dazzling (although I loved his old smile, too. Still gorgeous and with character. But the lower teeth were crowded so could have caused problems, I suppose. It’s definitely a megawatt smile these days).

  2. Oh Angie, you do NOT disappoint! These four pictures, properly captionned, are priceless! What’s better than a huge bellylaugh to set the New Year off right. That last picture, in fact all of them, ought to be illegal, have a health warning! Watch out! One glance and you’re stuck!

    How can anyone in their right mind even conceive of the notion that this “hunkalicious ode to masculinity” is “mean looking,” does not “have a nice-guy face”? Outrageous! His face has the expression that he puts on it. Here the role he was playing wasn’t some other guy, it was RA himself, hence, hunkalicious! You keep sending me to my dictionaries, Angie. This word may not be there, but it ought to be. It certainly conveys the proper meaning. This amazing man does just get better and better! And I get more and more hooked!

    Thanks, and Happy New Year!

    • I went back and looked at them several times after making them and had a thoroughly good chuckle, so I decided they would be “winners.” 😉 I think RA would have a good laugh, too, don’t you? I have chuckled over the whole “mean face” thing as well. He wears the face needed for the particular role. But the RL face is simply expressive, thoughtful, mischievous, endearing, alluring and beautiful. What’s not to love? Glad you like “hunkalicious”–works for me.

  3. These are adorable! Yeah, I don’t think he’s particularly vain either…almost everyone cares at least a little about his or her appearance, but I just don’t see much that speaks of true vanity in RA’s actions. I do understand why he said it…hair always grows back, but weight is a lot harder to get rid of 🙂 (although I agree with Martin’s response that RA could pretty easily carry 20 extra pounds without being a “fat guy”)

    • I could be described as somewhat vain myself–so I am certainly throwing no stones. 😉 I have scars on my forehead from a car accident in college and so I wear bangs. But I guess If I was really obsessed I would have resorted to plastic surgery at some point.

      And the older you get, the harder those darned pounds are to take off, I can attest to that. *sigh* Also I don’t think RA, raised on the metric system, knew exactly how much 20 lbs. equaled–I think he could easily carry that much extra weight without looking overweight. If you’d told him it was roughly a stone and a half he might have responded differently, who knows? He’s a big guy and he can carry more weight than the average fellow.

      • He probably was carrying that much with his “Porter muscles” — he just didn’t realize it. People who dance are often over-sensitive because what the mirror behind the barre shows them is so detailed. Even the slightest bit of bloat can seem huge.

        • I wouldn’t be surprised if he carried that much. Lean muscle mass weighs more anyway IIRC and his face was definitely fuller, too, as Porter and S9 Lucas. And he looked pretty darned fit to me . . . 😉

          I know there’s a lot of pressure on dancers to stay quite streamlined. I remember RA saying in some interview that he didn’t realize (upon switching to acting) it would be so physically demanding in terms of having to stay in good shape. Guess he didn’t realize how much running/fighting/riding, etc. he’d end up doing. 😉

  4. Hilarious! Once again, you don’t disappoint 🙂 One of the best things about Richard is the fact that he has so much about which to be vain yet he is so down-to-earth. Happy New Year!

    • well, I try. 😉 Yes, in a world full of wanna-bes who think they are all that (such as some reality show contestants and fame junkies like the Kardashians *shudder*) we have the real thing–namely, the lovely, sweet, intelligent, talented, funny, beautiful, delightful Richard. Happy New Year to you, too!

  5. No, RA is perfect at his present weight. An extra 20 pounds would detract from his attractiveness and would be less healthy. I don’t think he’s being at all vain to prefer to keep those pounds off, but rather respecting himself, and exhibiting the self-discipline required for his profession as an actor, a self-discipline others have commented on in different contexts.

    RA realizes, I’m sure, that he needs to look his best self if he is to be offered roles that he wants and that will further his career, especially if those roles will require him to at some point remove his shirt. And he does take pride in using stunt doubles as little as possible, which means he has to keep himself in good physical shape. His comment about being vain is part of his self-deprecating routine. He is just being realistic, stoical, if you will, about the necessities of his career. Getting fat and lazy won’t get him where he wants to be. More power to him!

    • I’m just sayin’ I’d still find him attractive 20 lbs. heavier. 😉 I am not as shallow as some might think LOL

      And he’s clearly been heavier than he is now–if the weight is lean muscle mass (think Porter) it’s not unhealthy, is it?

      Of course he has a lot of self-discipline. I think he established that a long time ago. He’s also of a naturally athletic bent with that dancer’s background and poise which helps tremendously in playing roles of a more active nature. Again, Porter moved with a balletic grace probably rare among SAS members. 😉 Which led to Lucas looking even more heart-stoppingly gorgeous than ever when he moved (or stood still) in S9.

      And while it is very likely part of the stoical nature of doing what needs to be done to do the role, be it dealing with a mop of hair, playing John Bateman *arrrrrrggghh* or keeping very trim and toned (which also likely helps minimize the injuries he incurs), again, hey, if he is a little bit vain–it’s OK. He’s human and I adore him just the way he is, any inner or outer imperfections and all. There’s far too much to admire.

  6. I don’t believe for one minute that he’s overly vain. Self-disciplined and caring for his body and face which are his tools of trade, yes, but I take that comment as a joke on his part.

    • He takes the mickey out of us in the way I like to take the mickey out of him. And now I need to go put on my night cream to fight off those incipient wrinkles 😉 Vanity, you know.

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