Fanart of RA in Japan: Looks like he’s having fun.



We are discussing how much Richard seemed to enjoy all the enthusiasm and excitement of the Tokyo red carpet and I mentioned the charming photo above. Thought I would assemble some fanart (all save one completed yesterday) from the Japan leg of the tour. Enjoy Electric Blue RA! 😉





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  1. Your heart-throb picture really grabs me. When RA looks straight into the camera, especially with that expression, blue eyed soul, (more evident if the picture is enlarged, which is easy on my iPad), he speaks straight to my heart. Last night on the Charlie Rose Show I heard a guy from RadioLab say that some people have “a voluptuous ability to communicate with their eyes.”. Guess who immediately came to mind. In all his roles, and as himself.

    • I have one of those visceral reactions when he “looks at me” like that. That punch in the solar plexus that is not of an unpleasant nature that also causes a strange sort of flutter in my heart. I would say that quote does apply very well to Mr. Armitage. 😀

  2. Those pictures are divine… thank you, Angie.

    I’m with Lynne – the heart throb one is very special. The one from your post yesterday, taken on the same day (or the same outfit, at least) is one of my favorites ever too. He’s a great subject but three cheers to the photographer too as he/she captured RA at his finest.

    I wasn’t sure about the electric blue waxed cotton (i think that’s what it was confirmed as in the end, after much speculation about it being leather) suit initially, and i’m still not convinced about the cut of the trouser waist (fixated on the groinal area- moi?) but one cannot help but see a movie star in those pictures. He’s breathtaking.

    And as for the picture with the translator.. Lol! She’s managing to stay very professional – i’d have been in a puddle!

    • You’re welcome. I did have you in mind when I put that together. 😀

      Yes, I believe it was finally decided his Tokyo suit was waxed cotton, def. not leather. I did notice the trousers seemed to–erm–make one zone in there, but agreed, he looks every inch the dazzling movie star. He positively radiated star power.

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