New Fanart: RA in a New York groove



While I really like this pose, I didn’t love the red background used for the photo shoot this was part of–I love red, but certain shades seem to drain Richard’s coloring, making him look tired in some of the photos. However, when I converted the color to sepia with red as an accent color, I liked it a lot better.




One of my favorite casual outfits, the black hoodie under the black leather jacket.

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  1. I love what you’ve done with these photos. The sepia looks better than the red background, I agree. But that last one, it was dynamite in colour, but the b&w is stunning.

    • Thanks, darling. I played around with several different degrees of B&W and other enhancements, but that one worked the best to me. That red background just didn’t click (pardon the pun) for me in those photos. I may try converting some of the other ones to sepia, too.

  2. I agree about the red background of the first picture. Richard is handsome to me no matter what, but that red background was not really flattering to him. I don’t think it would be flattering to anyone.

    • I think someone with more yellow undertones to their skin *might* have been able to pull it off, but it just didn’t work for Richard. Don’t care for the red cardigan on him from an earlier photo shoot, either.

  3. Where are you getting all these gorgeous photo’s? I don’t think i’ve ever seen the top one, whatever the background. I love the determined set of his jaw – no doubt this is at the photographers direction but i’ve also seen him jut his jaw out both in character (Lucas did it a lot) and at the ARIA’s. It is supposed to denote confidence in body language – i wonder if it is something RA consciously does to give himself a confidence boost.

    • RANet posted some new ones over the last few days that they added to already existing galleries. I snaffled them all from there. 😀 You could very well be right. A little something to prepare him for the occasion.

        • Apparently it is a throw back to when we routinely settled disputes by attempting to tear each others throats out! Chin tucked down denotes fear of attack whereas chin up and throat exposed is either saying “I am confident i am top dog and you won’t challenge me” or “Go on, try it, if you dare!” In RA’s case (i suspect) it’s a case of ‘fake it til you make it’.

  4. He definitely doesn’t have the coloring for red. (Another thing we have in common!) But he continues to impress in all of this lovely interviews and pictures surfacing! I watched one from VH1 this morning. Oh what lovely giggling!

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