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    • Oh, yes, cats and dogs. We lost two of our beloved cats earlier this year. 😦 We also have two outside dogs. We’ve had as many as 10 pets at once, counting all outside and inside animals (we live out in the country). All former strays/shelter pets.

      • I lost my favorite cat about a year and a half ago. Cosette was a Snowshoe with the attitude of the ultimate prima donna. She developed kidney disease and suffered from renal failure. I had to have her put down. I don’t think I’ll ever recover from it. All of my little ones are children to me.

        • My lovely Siamese Ben-Calaf was 17 when he contracted colorectal cancer. He was euthanised 1 Sept 2009 and the last thing he did was kiss my hand. I like to think of him as one of Bast’s favourites now. In life, he was human-oriented and tried to dominate / mount my daughter’s female cat. Even though he was courtly about it, she wasn’t having any. Those two had to be kept separated.

          • Cosette held my hand and looked into my eyes as she went under. She definitely ruled the household for the ten years that we were blessed to have her in the family. None of the other cats dared question her authority. She was the runt of her litter too. She was tiny compared to all the others, but her will was mighty indeed!

        • It is very painful to lose a pet because they do become part of our family. We don’t have children, at least, not the two-legged kind, but the four (and in the case of Thumper) three-legged furry sort of babies. Puddie, our lovely long-haired diva, died of congestive heart failure with me right by her side, stroking her and telling her it was OK to let go. I cried like a baby. Only three months earlier, Lucky, the big tom we had inherited from my late father-in-law suddenly died, severing the last living tie we had to my husband’s parents. That was really hard for him. m

          • I have two daughters, but they always tell everyone that they have eight other siblings! I’m lucky to have a husband that is zen about the whole experience. Eight cats in a tiny house creates a whole lot of havoc, but they also fill the place with an amazing amount of love and enjoyment 🙂

            • Your daughters are right; the felines are sibs, just not by blood. I love it that your husband is so zen about the experience. I think cats can sense when someone is zen about their presence and they find it attractive.

              • Benny was the one who wanted us to get a cat in the first place. I honestly thought of myself as more of a dog person. Then we got our Smokie, adopted from the Devener Dumb Friends League while on a vacation, and I properly fell in love with cats. And he’s the one with the (albeit slight) cat allergy! He’s always adored our pets and been just as nurturing with them as he has with me. They’ve always adored him.

    • Hooray for you, Susan! Yes, you have landed among fellow cat persons. I adopted a tiny kitten friends found crying alone in the street in early November. Lucky has now grown to be a handsome young cat who at times fancies himself a pirate king.

        • Heh-heh. Lucky is resting now, having dragged his captures (a sweater, 3 socks, and yesterday’s grocery list) onto the bed. He was upset that he could not manage the empty coffee mug, but he got the spoon.

              • “Are you my mommy?” perhaps. Lucky is still very much an intact little boy, but likely too young to try to dominate or mount Thumper. I don’t know how much patience she would have with that kind of behaviour. But as partners in crime, nothing would be safe from them.

              • I bet Thumper would find him very interesting but exhausting. She’s never really spent time with kittens.

                One of our outdoor cats slipped in once–the big handsome orange boy named Cheeto–and was about to attempt the deed with her. Poor Thumper’s eyes got huge and she looked at me as if to say, “What is going ON??” I grabbed Cheeto before any damage was done (well, she’d already been altered by then anyway) but that had never happened to her before, bless her heart. I told her she was just so cute Cheeto couldn’t resist. 😉

              • Thumper is gorgeous with a lot of courage and a magnificent heart. No wonder Cheeto could not resist. I doubt most toms could, but lady cats have the final say about who they accept, and like us, they are very picky.

              • Thumper Cat says thank you. I think she’s a little stunner. I will never forget the first time I saw her, that black and white kitten looking up at me with those big green eyes from her little makeshift bed. Fell in love on the spot. She used to shake so bad sometimes, I wondered if it was some sort of post traumatic stress disorder–flashbacks to the dog attack. She does it only very rarely these days. She’s a pretty placid, sweet kitty these days.

  1. I love all this kitty talk 🙂 I have a tuxedo also. Beren Erchamion (aka as “Mr. Peeps”) is quite the charmer. Unfortunately, he has a love/hate relationship with my long haired Russian Blue female named Reginleif (aka “Kitten”). The two of them fight like banshees-I have to keep them separated unless supervised. However, when they are apart, they sulk and cry for each other. Ugh! Never a dull moment 🙂

    • I am always up for some kitty talk. Don’t be surprised to see the kitties (and doggies) pop up here from time to time. One of cats who passed away practically had her own fan club because I featured in two different extended fan fics. She became quite beloved and, diva that she was, she enjoyed every single moment of it, too. 😉 How funny about your love/hate kitties! I wouldn’t exactly say Callie and Thumper are buddies, but they will hang out on the same bed and occasionally Thumper will suddenly stumble over and groom Callie a little, which confuses Callie to no end. LOL

  2. It’s become quite a farce really. I can’t leave them unsupervised so, I have to keep one in the bedroom suite while the other one has “free time” with all their other siblings. Although, Kitten is branching out on a pugilistic level, much to my dismay. One of my newer strays, Khal Drogo (given that moniker because he’s huge and majestic looking) is a total lover. He avoids fights at all costs. Naturally, Kitten has decided to bully him now as well. It’s ridiculous. One of his paws is bigger than three of hers put together, but he lets her win every fight. She’s so full of herself. At least Beren fights back. LOL

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