Guyday Friday: More Special than Usual


“So today will be the day, LW?” His long legs were stretched out, booted feet propped up on the computer hutch in the corner, muscular arms characteristically folded across his chest as he leaned back in the chair.

“It certainly looks like it, Sir Guy.” She smiled at him. “As of 1:11 a.m. we are just 1,131 views away from hitting 500,000 hits at TAE.”

Sir Guy’s kohl-rimmed blue eyes narrowed a little in thought.

“Soooo-you’ll reach your milestone on–my special day. On Guyday Friday . . .”

LW nodded. “Yeppers. Without a doubt, unless the Internet goes down all over the world, it will happen sometime today.”

HIs mouth curled into a distinctly smug smirk. “Wellll . . . almost makes up for Itty-Bitty Thorin and Eggo Thorin and Fuzzy Thorin and–”

“Actually, that’s Little Thorin, Lego Thorin and Plush Thorin.” LW, gently correcting her favorite dark knight, said, a smile tugging at the corner of her lips. As if he didn’t know.

Sir Guy gave a gracious nod and flicked back his shining raven mane. “A thousand apologies, my lady . . .” He spoke in a solemn tone, the wicked gleam in those eyes giving him away.

“Granted, my dark knight,” LW replied drily. “I’ve also created a few new pieces of Guy fanart in honor of the occasion.”

He rose to his commanding height and gave her a dazzling smile. “Thank you, dearest LW.”

Her heart responded with an odd little flutter. Surely it was unfair to the rest of the world’s fictional characters come to life for one creature to be so darned–beautiful??

Happy Guyday Friday . . .






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  1. Oh, yes! Happy Guyday Friday! *does happy dance* Sir Guy is so beautiful, and your art shows that beauty so well. Inspiring, impossibly delicious — reminds me I should really finish the story I’ve started for him.

    • *arches bold dark brow, leans over and murmurs in LW’s ear* “Tell her she really should finish it. I would then reward her with more than a dazzling smile and a hearty thank you . . . since, unlike you, she has no husband or–how is it you describe them?–significant other? . . .” 😉

  2. Hello Angie!!! YAY for the 500 000 hits! Fantastic! Sorry I haven’t been around much lately; looking forward to catching up with posts this weekend! 🙂

    • Hey, Judit! Good to hear from you. 😀 Thanks! You’ve certainly helped make it happen, my Hungarian Honey!

      I have to get back to Twitter soon, too, just been trying to deal with icky weather flaring up FMS and stuff needing done post-holiday. Can only do so much multi-tasking sometimes.

      • So sorry to hear about your FMS problems! 😦 Hope the weather gives you a break sooner rather than later! I’ve not been feeling well either. Lymph nodes on my neck are painful. Maybe my immune system is fighting some sort of infection.

        • If your lymph nodes are swollen, Judit, that’s exactly what they are doing. It’s their job to fight infection, but sometimes they can be overwhelmed. Hot soothing liquids, my dear, and if they’re not better very soon, it’s back to the ENT doc with you. Strep throat often starts this way, and that is something you really don’t want.

          • Thanks for the advice as always, Leigh! I have to go back to the ENT doc soon anyway for a check-up. But the lymph nodes are thankfully much better now! 🙂

        • Thanks, Judit. This type of weather just doesn’t agree with it. I hope your lymph nodes get better soon.

          Mine have a habit of doing it several times a year. One doctor theorized I may have a very low-grade but chronic type of mononucleosis that flares up periodically. Anyway, follow Leigh’s advice and take care!

  3. It is only fitting that you should hit such a milestone on Sir Guy’s special day! I see he’s all glammed up for the occasion..yummy *licking lips* 🙂

              • I’m back unscathed, but baby it’s cold outside (12f/-11c). Now I need warming up…any ideas Sir Guy?*batting eyes innocently*

              • *Sir Guy taps one long, elegant finger against the delicate cupid’s bow of his upper lip, eyes narrowing in thought* “We mustn’t let frostbite settle in, dear Lady Obscura. I think—yes, I think a large goblet of mulled wine would be in order, to be shared with ME, of course, in front of a roaring fire. On a large, soft fur pelt. Your lovely head resting on my broad shoulder . . .” *pauses and cuts you a sidelong glance* “I think that should be good–for a start.”

              • *giggle*

                “she smiles innocently in agreement with a sinful gleam in her eye as he takes warms her icy hands with his own and leads her to the fire…”

                *ahem* is it getting warm in here?

              • Oops..I got so involved I put in and extra word…scratch the “takes”, emphasis on the “warms”! 🙂

              • I completely understand. Sir Guy has that kind of effect on a girl. Heck, he once snuck into my Lucas fanfic. Lucas was not thrilled to have Guy in bed with his own true love. I think he punched Guy. Guy told ME he got the black eye when he walked into a door. *sniff*

              • Oh those alpha males…so territorial 🙂 I’m sure you gave Sir Guy all sorts of tlc to make him feel better about his “accident” 🙂

        • Go for it, Obscura. We have an endless appetite for Guy fic. About half the fic on DF is Guy fic and we still can’t get enough.

  4. What glorious FanArt Angie beautiful. Yes we have a alot of Thorin and yes I’ve seen him on the big screen this week. But Guy you are still me favourite. Crikey what would you have looked like on the big screen. Oh My!!!** sigh-thud**

  5. Congrats, Angie! 🙂 *party hat* *glass of champagne* How stunningly apropos for it to happen on the first Guyday of the New Year!

    Sir Guy, you certainly know how to *ahem* take care of us! What, good Sir, might we do for you? *arches an eyebrow*

    • Thanks a bunch, Zan, much appreciated. Yes, Sir Guy is totally chuffed about all that, too. 😀

      *Sir Guy tilts his head, giving an insouciant flick of his luxuriant raven mane* “Why, dearest Lady Zan, I can think of any number of incredibly enjoyable things you might do for me . . . and I for you.”

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