Hot in the City: Richard Armitage



Yes, yes, I know–Richard is not from New York City, but a lovely lad from Leicester and, later, London. But he is basing himself part-time in the Big Apple these days and he’s done several photo shoots there. And there there’s the fact this song just stuck in my little old LA head. ‘Cause I really like the way he walks and talks and wears his big city clothes . . . and oh, those looks he can give us! 😉 And he’s quite the urbane cosmopolitan gent these days . . . wouldn’t you agree? 🙂









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    • Why thank you, Berta! 😀 Glad you liked. Just took the idea bouncing in my head and ran with it. 😉 Also really glad I could make your day a little better. (((hug)))

  1. “Hot in the city” indeed. Richard looks at ease in this series you’ve done and oh, so hot. Even in NY, the man could stop traffic.

  2. I love these outfits on him. They seem to bring out his masculinity and sex appeal. And the song you chose fits so well! If I can’t bump into Richard in London, I’ll just have to visit New York and try my luck there!

    • Yeah, I liked the clothing choices, too. The fit him well. showcasing that handsome physique and he seemed very comfortable in the outfits. I actually looked at the lyrics for a couple of “New York” songs but that one seemed to hit the spot the best.

      Now that he is spending some time here in the US, I have a slightly higher chance of actually meeting him LOL

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