Late Sunday Smorgasbord: “Reel” & “Real” RA



WP is being a naughty bunny and not letting me post any more pix–I keep getting error messages–so these four will have to suffice for now. Enjoy! I finally got enough relief from the pain in my side to get some much-needed sleep during the day, so that’s why I am quite late getting additional posts made. I also have another video roughly an hour away from debuting, so I will share that with you later. Been watching “Secrets of Highclere Castle”–fascinating stuff–and the season debut of “Downton Abbey.” I have managed NOT to talk to Thumper in an English accent this time around. 😉












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  1. Like he’s keeping a sense of humor about it all and not taking this whole movie star thing too seriously. 😉 Ah, Lucas with his Porter muscles was—extra yummmoooo.

    • His overall sense of humour combined with his special brand of self-deprecating sense of humour makes him rather special. Somehow I know that we’ll never ever hear a story about Richard hurling a phone at some poor unsuspecting chap just because he couldn’t get a phone line to work.
      Lucas with Porter muscles was one of the best things of S9 🙂

      • Exactly, I cannot imagine RA doing a Russell Crowe or Naomi Campbell on anyone, thank heavens. That grounded quality is one of the most appealing things about him. 😀

        Oh, yes, I deplored the whole John Bateman fiasco, 😦 but Lucas showing off that buff body in singlets and very tight black shirts and jeans (and topless on a few occasions) was a feast for the eyes, at least. 🙂 Richard, bless you for all the hard work you put into those Porter muscles. I know you practically threw up/passed out from all that training, but the results were certainly IMPRESSIVE. 😉

        • It took me several attempts to watch all of S9. And while the storyline left me rather un-impressed (this is me trying to be polite) the performances blew me away (well, except Sophia Myles and Max Brown). If it weren’t for Richard’s ability to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear (or: spectacularly appaling scripts) I doubt there would have been a S10.

          At least the costume department knew what it was doing :-))

          • Richard was brilliant–if many an actor had been given such a soap opera-ish character arc to have to perform as he got stuck with, they’d have been laughed off the screen. He did an amazing job. I just found it so painful from week to week to see what they were doing to that character. Throwing everything that had been established aside. I found myself dreading the next ep, when in S7 I could hardly wait for the next ep. (I was a bit less eager during S8 due to my dislike of Sarah Caulfield who sucked the life out of every episode in which she appeared).

            Actually I did laugh at such S9 antics as the baby Spooks (Max and Sofia) “tracking” Lucas through the London streets, when the guy clearly WASN’T Lucas. Wrong height, wrong build, wrong way of moving. England’s national security depends on these people?? And tell me, didn’t they have any photos of the “real” Lucas North, fingerprints on hand, etc. to make sure the correct person was getting into Thames House in the first place? I am sorry, but Richard Hammond on Top Gear looks more like “Lucas” than “Bateman” ever did!

            I have a sneaking suspicion the wardrobe people on RA’s projects really enjoy their jobs when it comes to working with him. Such a sweetheart and he makes the clothes look so good. 😉

            • S7 still is my favourite Spooks Season! 🙂
              LOL. “Baby Spooks” is such an apt description. They definitely are babies and probably visually impaired to not have noticed that they are following the wrong man. I hope that the real spooks are much better then fictional S9-Spooks because if not: Wow, England is really f*****.
              Wardrobe people are smart people. Guy = black leather = best decision ever.

              • LOL. And then in S3 they put him in glamorous leather – definitely the best decision ever. Not to mention the hair extensions… 😉

              • Yeah, I think of Richard joking they’d stopped in Milan on the way back from the Holy Land to pick up some new threads. 😉 He looked like a medieval prince. LOVED the locks.

              • We can only hope and pray the real spooks are not the incompetents these guys were, or England is indeed f**ked,

                Our sleek Italian race car driver/rebel biker look for Guy was–inspired. 😀

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