Oh, my. Once again I am discombobulated. But in a good way.


And the reason for my  discombobulation (finding oneself flustered into a state of confusion or disconcertion) was seeing this image from an Asian movie magazine at Richard Armitage Net:


I really should be asleep, or attempting to do so, but I’ve had this annoying pain in my upper left side for a couple of days–a pulled muscle, I am quite certain–and it’s hard to get comfy. So I decided to check RANet to see what I’d missed and lo and behold, I found the above image.

Now, I wish there wasn’t that big ol’ shadow, and I wish they hadn’t Photoshopped away his forehead scar or some of his lovely smile lines–but it’s still a stunner.  The gaze, the stubble, the open collar on the black shirt, the faintest hint of a smile that makes you wonder what he’s thinking . . . so I was forced, forced I tell you, to play with this image.  Here are some of the results. Yeah, there’s even more, and I still don’t think I am done having fun. 😉







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  1. If this is what you can do when you’ve got a painful pulled muscle and you’re seriously discombobulated, OMG. So beautiful… Resistance is indeed futile.

    • Oddly enough, some parts of my brain–I guess the artistic impulses–still work OK, although I may work a little more slowly. The aspirins I took didn’t seem to do any good this time so I took a muscle relaxer a little earlier. I have other ideas I want to try with the photo but they can wait. 😉

  2. What a way to start the day! I hve to go back to those videos, These Eyes, and Temptation Eyes. Thanks, Angie. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. First when I saw the title of your post , Angie I thought: what the
    f *** is discombobulated? But soon I had a feeling that a Bombastic something would come next, and it was what happened. And… What is thissss , Mon Dieu !!!!
    After seeing this pic, my mouth didn´t want to close more! I was just drooling for a long time. What is this man doing with us??? Definitively I´m lost into of that blue eyes! Oh, dear! You´ve chosen an perfect word to discribe this perfection of man. Richard gets better and better with the age. Now, some break to one more look and to breath. Then to repeat it all again.

    • LOL! It is a wonderful, wonderful photo of him. You can see why I got carried away with playing with it. A lot of good things going on in that photo. Especially those eyes . . .

  4. Saw this picture for the first time yesterday. But WOW Angie you take my breath away with what you have done with it. The is one beautiful, gorgeous breathtaking man **thud**

  5. These are beautiful, Angie:)
    IMO, Richard’s eyes are his finest tool….so expressive *sigh*…..there is something behind them…. sharp mind and..

  6. This picture literally took my breath away when I first saw it. That the camera loves Richard goes without saying, but every so often there is one like this that is beyond stunning, beyond words. No wonder you enjoyed playing with it Angie, the results are beautiful. I’m looking forward to having a go myself when I get the chance!

    • There are those images that take it to another level that’s even higher than what we are accustomed to. They are truly, truly . . . sublime. It’s hard to take your eyes away and even when you do, you find yourself thinking of those images. *sigh* And I played with that pic even more tonight LOL

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