The Beautiful One Makes My Head Birl: The TAE Word (and vid!!) of the Day


Birl: (verb) (1) to spin or cause to rotate; (2) Chiefly in Northern US lumbering–to cause a floating log to rotate rapidly by treading upon it; (3) British–to rotate or move rapidly. Informal–to spend money freely. Informal–to gamble.

(noun) British informal–to attempt; to gamble.

I saw this Word of the Day in my inbox this week and when I saw the word “spin” and looked at images of Mr. Armitage, I could only think of how the man makes my poor head spin. Or should I say, my head positively birls. Or at least it feel likes it is!

When I consider the amount of dosh I have splashed out on various Thorin/Hobbit-related items, I also feel as if I’ve done some birling there, too. Mon Dieu!

So this weekend I made another fanvid, set to the instrumental “Right Round” to celebrate the delightful dizziness Mr. Armitage brings on in our heads (and hearts). Enjoy the whirl of the birl!


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  1. Quite a ride, Angie. Love it! A quickie count gave me 53 pictures of smiles, and 32 of serious or smouldering faces. I personally like that distribution. Many of my favorites are here: Ritchie got back, heart throb, the hobbit boyz, among others. Great work!

    • Thanks! πŸ˜€ I’m impressed, as I did not count the actual faces, smiling or smouldering. πŸ˜‰ I like to have a mix. The many moods of Mr. Armitage, as it were.

  2. Consider me spun. Dizzying delight…

    Yeah, in the Pacific NW, there are logging games where people compete in birling, topping, and other skills. It’s easy to see just how dangerous it is..

  3. Another well known word in Scotland! Thank you. It is often used in place of “twirl” where I came from, and in connection with dancing, especially Scottish Country dancing. It’s also used in certain techniques when playing the bagpipes. πŸ™‚

  4. I hope you’ll forgive me for posting this video! When you mentioned a movie with Richard wearing a kilt it made me think of some Scottish Country Dances – most of which we learned in school – and one that is a lot of fun is the Eightsome Reel. Here it is performed at a Dunedin NZ Summer School and although the dancers in the middle used some rather unorthodox “moves” (one young guy even using some Haka ones!) you can see how much fun it is with lots of “skirling” and “birling” going on, and much swinging of kilts! πŸ˜‰ I dare you to keep your toes from tapping as you watch it. I know I can’t!!

    When I was in college attending New Years Eve dances was SO much fun as we did a lot of different traditional Scottish dances and most of us were either attending college or Uni. I was dancing the above eightsome reel on one occasion and as you can see it is quite lengthy. I had to go to the toilet part way through and the guy I happened to be partnered with at the time was rather tipsy! So much so that he didn’t even notice my absence!! πŸ˜€ Lol!

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