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A Prince of Pseudology: TAE Word for the Day



Pseudology: (noun) lying considered as an art.  Pseudology comes from two Greek words, pseudo-, meaning “false,” and ology, meaning “the study of.”  The word does not literally mean the study of lying, but has come to embody “the art of lying.”

I found myself thinking of the crafty charmer John Mulligan, who is awfully good at deception. The silver-tongued devil could be considered a master of pseudology. And here’s a tribute to the prince of pseudology I made a while back, Hypnotize Me.

Want some early Armitage emoting?


Thank you, Nadia, for the heads up on this black & white film trailer at Vimeo featuring a young Richard Armitage and an actress named Jennifer Taylor Lawrence.

“Staged” was filmed in London at the Hackney Empire Theatre in 1999. The trailer was uploaded by Darren Denison, who directed the film. Denison said Richard and his co-star, who were chosen out of hundreds of applications by actors and talent agencies, were “amazing to work with.” Take a gander.    Would love to hear your thoughts!

(If you have RealPlayer, you can also download the trailer to your own computer.)

The link to the trailer is here:
I suspect as RA’s star continues to rise, we will see more of this sort of thing, of photos, trailers, et al. from his earlier career appearing online. Personally, I am waiting for the Cleopatra DVD to get a new cover, touting RA as one of its “stars.”  🙂
This is Richard with his co-star in the stage production "Use Me as Your Cardigan." He does a bit of smouldering in this trailer, too.

This is Richard with his co-star in another role, in the stage production “Use Me as Your Cardigan.” He does a bit of smouldering in this trailer for “Staged,” too.