A Prince of Pseudology: TAE Word for the Day



Pseudology: (noun) lying considered as an art.  Pseudology comes from two Greek words, pseudo-, meaning “false,” and ology, meaning “the study of.”  The word does not literally mean the study of lying, but has come to embody “the art of lying.”

I found myself thinking of the crafty charmer John Mulligan, who is awfully good at deception. The silver-tongued devil could be considered a master of pseudology. And here’s a tribute to the prince of pseudology I made a while back, Hypnotize Me.

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  1. I haven’t seen this show sadly. ;(. It’s never been on the TV here, to my knowledge, and i’m resisting buying the DVD because i don’t think i’d enjoy the majority of the non RA episodes. But whenever i see stills and YT of John Mulligan i go a bit weak at the knees. I don’t know about the rest of his activities, but the way he puts that fork into his mouth ought to be criminal.

    • Richard puts out a full court press of seductive charm in this role. I love the stubble and the hair just long enough for those fetching curls at the nape of his neck. As Leigh says, he knows what to say and how to say it in a way that makes you believe him. I have to say I did enjoy some of the other eps of the show. There are some good performances. Obviously, Drowning, Not Waving, the RA ep, is my favorite 😉

      • Yes, but i loathe the Scouse accent. With no offence intended to any Liverpudlians reading, but it really grates on my nerves. Thank goodness RA didn’t do it – i would have been so conflicted!

        • It doesn’t bother me. I can listen to almost any English accent without a problem, although some I like better than others. But then, some people had no problem listening to Sarah Caulfield, and I thought my ears were going to start bleeding every time she appeared onscreen. LOL

  2. we suffer here in Australia dont we!? Dont get half the stuff everyone else does – i ended up buying Robin Hood on DVD for the RA factor – love a bad boy in leather!

    • It’s even worse here in the US, or has been. And watching shows on YT just doesn’t work well for me because of my slowish internet. So over time I have collected pretty much everything on DVD. And definitely, my reasons for buying RH was that tall, slinky, smirking, smouldering, snarling, sexy hunk of black leather-clad alpha maleness. NOT Robin. 😉

    • I have high hopes they will repeat RH now that TH has been so successful (not that the Australian press seem to have noticed RA is even in TH – in fact despite it being a box office hit they seem to be very cool about the film altogether. Something to do with PJ’s battles with the unions perhaps?)

      • i know!! What is with that!? There is nothing around about it, but fingers crossed the ABC will re-run Robin Hood, and im hoping they might show North and South again, otherwise i will have to buy that too! (you may be right about the union thing – they need to get over themselves!)

            • Inspired and creative indeed – I mustn’t get too inspired yet, it’s only 4 in the afternoon – but I’m telling you now put in that position his socks would be the last thing on my mind!

              • That’s why I have always chuckled over people who get so het up over the sock in Between the Sheets being a mood killer or whatever. Just shows his enthusiasm, if you ask me. And you are going to focus on a stupid sock when you’ve got all that beautiful bare flesh to enjoy??

              • I know right!? I’m actually getting a bit wobbly just thinking about it! I may need to go and have a glass of wine and calm myself down a bit!

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