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  1. Luscious indeed. We’re currently enjoying Spooks series 8 repeats on TV here in Australia. Yum. Lucas was at his most beautiful (IMHO) – he’d lost his gauntness and had John Porters body. When RA puts on weight his face fills out in the most divine way. And as much as i hated Sarah Caulfield (throwing that nice Mr Bell off the balcony – i ask you!) i loved the conflict and pain we saw in Lucas’ eyes as he fought the growing realisation about who she was.

    • Actually, he didn’t technically put on the Porter muscles until S9 (filmed SB in between Spooks 8 and 9) but he had regained his Guy body, you might say. πŸ˜‰ Richard gave an amazing performance in S8 when relieving that whole Russian prison nightmare. I really felt he had experienced all that pain, torment and humiliation. When he had to meet with Oleg, he seemed to literally shrink before us in that boiler suit, as if he was once more the helpless prisoner and Oleg his manipulative captor. So good, that fellow.

      Funny thing is, I saw a repeat of Law and Order UK the other night and GOR had a guest role in it. Her roots were touched up, her makeup looked right (the Spooks team did her no favors there with her appearance) and she spoke in her natural voice. It’s a really lovely voice–when she is not trying to force it into a terrible American amalgamation accent, that is. 😦 *sigh*

      • Oh well, i’m certainly not going to complain if it was Guy’s body he had! Thud.

        We could never figure out where in America she was supposed to be from – we ended up with Boston but it wasn’t good.. Considering the conversations around whether RA can pull off an authentic American accent, i wonder what you thought of SC’s voice?

        • GOR ended up sounding as if she was from the Bronx NY by way of Boston with a sojourn in the South. It was a horrible combination. Was she encouraged to sound like that or was that the best she could manage? Some actors just do not have a gift for mimicry of accents. However, I have faith that RA did a better job with his Gary Morris accent for Black Sky. I know how hard he works to get things right, and an Oklahoma accent would be easier than some other regions of the U.S. IMHO. A little bit of a southern twang to it.

          • IIRC she had a similar accent on Episodes. With the added complication that she was supposed to be blind so played it with absolutely no facial expressions. Now i’m sounding bitchy and i really don’t mean to because i don’t know her work well enough to feel qualified to judge but lets just say she hasn’t impressed me as yet.

            • I haven’t seen Episodes, so I can’t respond as to her accent there. You know, even those who have been blind since birth do have facial expressions–not perhaps the same as those who lost their sight later in life, but there is expressiveness. I know because I taught at a school for the blind for three years and my older sister has been legally blind for most of her life.

              My problem with GOR–and other than Spooks and L&O, I have only seen her in two roles, a tiny one as a computer programmer in one of the Matrix films and in “The Young Victoria” as one of the ladies in waiting, where she mostly stood around looking decorative and spoke perhaps one or two lines–is a certain chilliness she seems to exude. It’s hard to warm up to her as an actress, at least it is for me. And it was impossible for me to imagine this cold fish igniting this passionate desire in Lucas. Even after being deprived of female company for all those years. I mean, LOOK at him–do you think he couldn’t have found a warmer soul to bed down with??

              I know Sara started out as an assignment to elicit pillow talk, but having him fall in love with her made Lucas look like a numpty, IMHO.

              • Yes – facial expressions are innate – that’s why her lack of expression in Episodes annoyed me so much. She was cold in that too so perhaps that is something hard wired into her acting. I assumed Lucas fell for SC because he’d been in the prison for so long – like Stockholm syndrome! He could only cope with relationships in which others withheld basic human kindness and honesty from him.

              • And maybe her coldness is why she was cast. ????? Hell, it certainly wasn’t for her ability to do a credible American accent, unless all the casting people at Kudos are tone-deaf.

  2. luscious and then some!!! im suffering some major Thorin love at the moment – rewatching clips on utube over and over like a lovesick teenager! (did you get the one i tweeted to you the other day fedoralady?)

    • Honey, I haven’t been on Twitter lately and for some reason, I don’t get any notifications from them anymore. I tried to fix it, and it worked for a little while, and then stopped again. Annoying. :-/

      • ahhh that is annoying – i have left you a couple of tweets. here is a couple of links to utube fanvids i have been watching (and watching, and watching…) you may have already seen them. they are pretty awesome!

        ahhhh Thorin….

        • Thanks so much. I just haven’t felt the greatest lately with the damp, chilly winter weather, and sometimes when the FMS flares up, my brain can handle only so much juggling of activities. πŸ˜‰ I’ve been caught up in making new vids with all those wonderful new pics of RA. I need to try to whip up another Thorin vid myself.

          • ah poor you, dont like the cold but i hate the heat – we have had the most horrible summer weather here – in the mid 40’s last week (107 – 113F) so all i can do is sit in front of the air con and watch utube clips! RA is like a breath of fresh air πŸ˜‰ (my poor kids have not had quite the mummy time they probably deserve this school holidays!)

            • Actually, extremes in either direction have a negative effect on me. And it gets very humid here. Even though we don’t have extremely cold temps in the winter, our humidity means you can still be chilled to the bone. And in the summer, our temperatures usually don’t get over 100, but our heat index can make it feel like a steamy, tropical 110 F or higher. So I can empathize with you, my dear. Hooray for the A/C and Mr. A! πŸ˜€

              • Yes – humidity is a beggar isn’t it? I’ve been hotter and colder in Sydney than anywhere else in the world, even though i’ve lived in higher and lower temperatures, but without the humidity. I was thinking yesterday (no a/c at home although i worked from noon until midnight in a/c and it was still 37 degrees as i drove home) that if anything drives me away from Sydney it will be the headaches i get in the summer.

              • I lived for three years in western South Dakota, near the Wyoming border, and it has a semi-arid desert climate. The temperatures could get extremely high (110) and low (40 below zero) but the humidity was generally quite low. Benny would be outside with the weather near freezing without a jacket because he said he didn’t feel it the way he did back here. And you could have huge swings in weather in short amount of time. One summer day it was 105 and the next day, 55. I did get chilled then. Turned on the furnace for a while and got my cardigan! πŸ˜‰

                On the drives home (which took two-and-a-half days) we could feel the difference when we got into the eastern portion of the state–it was as if a giant wet blanket had been tossed over us.

              • My brother lives in Sydney – it was foul there yesterday wasn’t it? He said it was sooo hot and humid. We don’t get a lot of humidity in south Australia – but the heat drives me crazy – i just can’t function properly. It so dry and everything is brown and dead. Urgh

  3. Here in BC Canada – via “our” PBS station out of Seattle WA – we too have been enjoying a repeat of Spooks S8. The last episode was aired last Wednesday, but I haven’t watched it yet. I know it sounds rather crazy when I have all 10 series of Spooks on DVD, but Series 7 and 8 are my favourites> I still have a love/hate relationship with Series 9 – love Richard’s acting abilities but hate what they did to Lucas’ character! 😦

    I just checked their schedule on line and they are going to show S9 starting on tomorrow night – Wednesday 9th! It remains to be seen whether I can bring myself to watch it, but I no doubt I will. I will just have to keep reminding myself who this incredible actor is that I’m watching and that he is SND!!! πŸ˜€ He’ll always be Luscious Lucas to me. πŸ˜‰

    • It doesn’t sound crazy to me – liking S7 and 8 best – it’s quite understandable!

      RA aside, i think Spooks really hit it’s stride midway through S5 and then continued to improve until S9. I’ve rewatched the first 5 series and found some of the storylines and scripts irritated me. Series 9 was not good for obvious reasons and s10 made me sad because it was so obviously one series too many.

      • They should have quit at S9, and obviously from that tacked-on ending, they intended to. Then it got re-commissioned. It is always sad to see a once-good series stay on past its sell-by date. They had some wonderful talent on there over the years–but then it jumped the shark.

      • It was more the fact that I’ve been recording S7 & 8 when I already have DVD’s of them that I was referring to! πŸ˜€ But you are right, these two series are indeed my favourites and always will be, although I too thought that Spooks began to improve from S5 onwards. I doubt if I can ever totally forgive whoever had the horrid idea of turning Lucas into John Bateman. Grr! It actually put me off Ian Glen too, poor man, even though I know he was just playing a part. Hermione (Ros) was SO right when she said that Richard was “superb” as Lucas North! I’m not going to comment on what I thought of S10. Such a terrible way to end. They should have done as Richard suggested and made a movie of it to bring to a conclusion. To my way of thinking it could never be the same once he was no longer a part of it, but at least we now know that is was *his* decision to leave!

        • He went on to bigger and better things, bless him, and MUCH deserved. I didn’t even bother to watch 10. I was done with Spooks once Lucas was gone. Just didn’t really care anymore. Was sad to hear Ruth sacrificed her life for Harry. IMHO he was certainly not worth it. :-/ Everybody that I liked was dead.

          Ian Glen’s role in Downton Abbey wasn’t exactly an endearing one, either–a creep, like Vaughn. I felt better about him after seeing him in Game of Thrones. A much more likeable character.

        • Sorry Teuchter – i misread your post. Having reread it, it is clear you were talking about recording it even though you have the DVD’s. However, i know several fans who stay in to watch reruns of his shows live, even though they have the DVD’s, for the thrill of watching at the same time as everyone else. So still not crazy in my opinion!

          • No need to apologize whatsoever! You have hit the nail on the head, however! I think it really is the idea that others are watching at the same time that makes me watch anything that Richard is in on TV. It’s the same when listening to his voice. It doesn’t seem to matter whether he is doing a voice-over for a car advert or narrating a documentary (The Great Sperm Race e.g.!!) or better still listening to him “performing” an audio book. I never cease to be amazed at what his voice alone can evoke! πŸ˜‰ *sigh*

              • Yes – i loved the NZ premiere chat. it was great to be chatting with people all over the world, all looking at the same thing. My broadcast was about 30 seconds behinds some of the others so i got fair warning when RA was coming into shot.

              • I missed them – I didn’t realise Japan was on and London was in the middle of the night for me. I was hanging out for a NY one but i don’t think it ever happened – the red carpet being so low key.

              • I didn’t even mention NY–it was so low-key as to be almost undetectable. Was very disappointed. I know it was an AFI screening but still—oh well. Water under the bridge.

    • We don’t have Spooks airing anymore on our local PBS affiliate. They never got beyond S5, I think. I don’t have S9 and don’t have any plans to buy it. It’s on my old computer. I only managed to re-watch the first three eps. Just makes me ill. Darned writers!!

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