Want some early Armitage emoting?


Thank you, Nadia, for the heads up on this black & white film trailer at Vimeo featuring a young Richard Armitage and an actress named Jennifer Taylor Lawrence.

“Staged” was filmed in London at the Hackney Empire Theatre in 1999. The trailer was uploaded by Darren Denison, who directed the film. Denison said Richard and his co-star, who were chosen out of hundreds of applications by actors and talent agencies, were “amazing to work with.” Take a gander.    Would love to hear your thoughts!

(If you have RealPlayer, you can also download the trailer to your own computer.)

The link to the trailer is here:
I suspect as RA’s star continues to rise, we will see more of this sort of thing, of photos, trailers, et al. from his earlier career appearing online. Personally, I am waiting for the Cleopatra DVD to get a new cover, touting RA as one of its “stars.”  🙂
This is Richard with his co-star in the stage production "Use Me as Your Cardigan." He does a bit of smouldering in this trailer, too.

This is Richard with his co-star in another role, in the stage production “Use Me as Your Cardigan.” He does a bit of smouldering in this trailer for “Staged,” too.

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    • Oh, yes, I can see why he was chosen for the role. The intensity we would see in Thornton, in Guy and other characters is there. And his way of looking at a woman . . .

  1. Like everyone else, I’m always excited about Richard’s early work appearing (I hope he doesn’t mind!), thus far it’s been mainly photos, so I loved seeing this. Leigh’s right, you can see the promise. The first character who came to mind for me was Paul Andrews, but yes, the intensity of his later performances is already there.

    • Well, since it’s the film’s director who posted it and RA obviously knew he was being filmed at the time, I am guessing it would be OK with him. 😉 Certainly doesn’t appear he has anything to feel embarrassed about re his performances (unlike, it seems, the character he is playing).

      He’s got the clean-shaven baby face and cropped hair like Paul’s and I can see other reasons why that character would come to mind. But the way he leaned in at one point in a sort of dominating way made me think of Guy (even without the leather, shaggy hair and Guyliner in place. 😉 )

      • He hasn’t got anything to be embarassed about, it’s more a case I think of having old stuff dredged up after so many years. It was bound to happen as he became more well known, but I’m surprised this hasn’t surfaced before now. Armitage Afficionados are notoriously efficient at finding new, and not so new, material 😉
        Staged is listed on Darren Denison’s IMDB page as a short (15mins) drama, but Richard’s name isn’t in the cast credits, only Jennifer Lawrence is listed.
        And yes, I’ve saved it. 🙂

        • Yeah, it’s inevitable things will show up that he’s probably nearly forgotten about along the way. 😉 I guess this guy didn’t have it posted anywhere until recently or surely it would have surfaced. Now I wish I could see the whole thing.

    • I thought of Paul, too! Some of he faces he made immediately took me back to that character. He looks sooo young! It’s very interesting how these things come out of the woodwork! He didn’t credit Richard on the IMDB page when obviously he was one of the two stars, but now he’s on the RA express.

        • Lol, perhaps he has! I’m surprised Ms. Lawrence hasn’t skyrocketed to fame like Richard. She definitely commanded the screen alongside him. I guess she focused more on theatre and voice over work…I checked her out on IMDB and she’s also in “Vagary”, which Mr. Denison directed and is coming out this year. Still I want to see “Staged” in it’s entirety!

          • It’s hard to know why some performers who are often less talented and versatile have success while others more gifted don’t do as well. But then again, I still don’t understand why the Kardashians are rich and famous and adored by many . . . stemming from a raunchy sex tape and going from there???

  2. Hmmm … I detect touches of, yes, I believe that’s Mr. Thornton. Oh, and definitely a smidgen of Dr. Track. And a whole heaping helping of Sir Guy. Was that Lucas I saw walking away from her? All those chaRActers, all getting ready to make an appearance and lay waste to vast audiences across the world.


    I have this thing for the way he pronounces ‘happen’ (or any variation of the word). ‘Scuse me … I need to go over there –> and melt for a bit. 😉

    • Yes, isn’t it cool to see little bits of our beloved characters popping up here and there in the performance? *sigh* Our darling Richard. It’s the “u” words that always get to me. Love his “u” words. *thud*

  3. I was absolutely stunned when I found the trailer over at RANet this morning! I was getting ready to go out and nearly made myself late as watching it only once wasn’t enough for me. 😉 It’s amazing this hasn’t surface before now as it looks amazing. Why his “star” didn’t rise long before it did is a puzzle to me and why he struggled for so many years when it was very obvious (well to me anyway!) just how talented he was all these years ago. But as he said himself, if the Hobbit had come to him ten years ago he wouldn’t have been able to handle it, so providentially it came at just the right time in his life.

    Paul Andrews was the character that jumped out at me the first time around but there are certainly glimpses of others there too. He looks so boyish in the trailer, yet really hot even back then. I have to say though, that I find him even more beautiful now and, if I’m being shallow, even hotter! 😉

    • It showed up in the wee hours when I was still awake. Nadia sent me a link to Vimeo and I went ahead and posted the link so I got to see it before a lot of people on this side of the pond. 😉 And yes, I watched it several times . . . it’s surprising this guy didn’t post it before, but maybe he wasn’t an RH, Spooks or Strike Back fan?? *shrugs shoulders* I notice in the blurb he is listing RA as star of of the three Hobbit films. 😀

      And yes, as much as I hate to think of all the years when things weren’t coming together professionally for Richard (how hard it must have been to see others less talented than he was get roles while he was still having to lay floors and work front of house to make ends meet), I really think it’s happened when and how it’s happened for a good reason.

      I see “injured party” Paul; the angst of Thornton, the brooding volatility and dominance of Sir Guy, the vulnerability of several characters . . . and yes, I agree, handsome and hot as he was then, he’s even more gorgeous and sexy now.

  4. I have to say i was pleasantly surprised at how good he was so early in his career. It makes me wonder why on earth no one picked him as a major talent earlier. It does seem to me that for reasons i cannot fathom, RA seemed to struggle to get attention despite putting all the right ground work in. But as others have said, the advantage has been that he has had time to develop both professionally and personally without the glare of the spotlight on him. But i’m not sure i agree that he wouldn’t have coped with the attention Thorin has led to 10 years ago – i think his learning curve would have been steeper but i think he would have coped admirably.

    • I was very impressed. We can clearly see the actor who would go on to wow us with future roles. I wonder if he didn’t have the right “look” some casting agents/producers were looking for–his handsomeness is not, as I have said, the typical cookie cutter good looks–or perhaps it was a lack of confidence in his auditions, or some combination of factors.

      Clearly, this young man had talent.

      He’s always seemed to feel he was something of a late bloomer, but I often feel the late bloomers are those who bloom the brightest and the longest, you know? Of course, 10 years ago, he would have been too young to play Thorin, so this particular opportunity certainly came at the right time in his life. 😀

  5. Being a big fan of Richard Armitage, I saw this short film and was really impressed with it. It apparently was inspired by old films like ALL ABOUT EVE. Also, the director obviously knew he had a star in the making with Richard because he directed him well and captured his brilliant quality as an actor. What’s funny is that I read Darren Denison, the director, only meant to reveal the trailer to his followers on Twitter and Facebook friends and had no idea that it would circulate the web internationally. From what I’ve read, he’s doing a feature film next with Debbie Allen and Jesse L. Martin called Silent Rhythm and has a few others coming out. This may be a director to watch for. Also, I did a little digging on Jennifer Taylor Lawrence and she performed with Woody Harrelson on stage in the West End in Night of the Iguana and was the voice for Commander Lugar in KILL ZONE game series, which I’m a big fan of. She sort of sounds like Emma Thomson too and looks like a combination of Cate Blanchett and a young Helen Mirren. Great trailer with a saucy young Richard. Thanks for sharing! RA is awesome!!!

    • Thanks for the additional info and welcome, Lee. As you might expect, we are HUGE fans of Mr. A around here. 😉 Interesting to know All About Eve was part of the inspiration for the short film. That is one of my personal favorites. 😀

      It’s always exciting to see anything “new” to us re Richard, and this was no exception. We have little of his acting work on film from so early in his career, so this was a real treat to see and to share with other fans. 😀
      I am a fan of both Debbie Allen (from back in her “Fame” days) and Jessie L. Martin so I will be on the lookout for more information on that film. Thanks again! 😀

  6. Correction: I only saw the trailer, not the film…yet! Anyone know where to watch the whole film? I want to see it! I couldn’t find it on Amazon or anywhere…. Will it be released?

    • I would like to see it in its entirety, too. I don’t think it’s ever been released or we would have already known about it. Perhaps with Richard being a hot property these days, Denison will consider sharing the entire film. I wanted to leave a comment at Vimeo referencing just that, but he had disabled the comments for the trailer.

  7. I would pay good money to see the whole thing!!!:) I hope Mr. Denison will decide to share it soon. Fingers crossed. I was thinking of Paul Andrews too while watching it, I guess partly because of the way he looks&partly because both characters are dealing with relationship issues. I’m sure I’m going to watch this clip many many times…He’s so good. He makes you feel his pain, his anger, his frustration.. Like Bollyknickers, I find it puzzling too why RA hasn’t made his international breakthrough earlier in his career, but as you said Angie, it’s probably down to a combination of factors, and I believe too that it happened when it happened for a reason.

      • RANet.com is a favourite website for many of us and in my case – and many, many others – it is our go-to place for all the up-to-date news of all things Armitage. It is where I look first thing every morning and where I found the “Staged” trailer in the first place. Ali constantly blows me away with her ability to find and pass on all the latest news, pictures etc related to this wonderful man. Her website truly is a fount of knowledge!

        My appetite certainly is whetted by this short trailer and I’d love to see the whole thing. Hopefully Mr. Denison will come to realize what a huge interest there is in anything RA related and release it in it’s entirety! Can’t come quick enough for me! 😉

        • Yes, I agree Teuchter! I just saw a new twitter by the director not really realizing why people would want to see an old film with RA in it. I think he doesn’t want to be perceived as “riding RA’s coattails” since he meant for the trailer to be private to only his friends and existing tweeters. I don’t think he realized what he started. Forget the film festival circuit, this trailer has been posted everywhere now. I’m surprised its not on TMZ already. I love the trailer too, but can the director be pursueded to make the film public is the question. From the RANet.com interview, he seems very sweet and really proud of his actors. Also, I see that Richard is shirtless in the trailer! I want to see more of him in this film!

    • I would, too! I have already watched it a number of times and even slipped in a few views before going to Greenville this morning. He really does make you “feel his pain” and all those complex, conflicting emotions human beings experience.

      Whatever the reasons for RA’s delay in hitting it big, I am so very grateful it is finally happening for this most deserving of men.

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