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More on early emoting Armitage: RANet’s interview & fanart


In case you haven’t read this yet, here is the interview Richard Armitage Net did with Darren Denison, director of the short film “Staged” starring a young Richard Armitage in the early stages of his acting career. Thanks, ladies and Mr. Denison, for bringing us more information into this fascinating glimpse into our favorite actor’s early acting career!


I also played around with some of the screencaps of young Armitage from the trailer.

Darren Denison Interview ‘Staged’ 1999

‘Staged’ Synopsis

A couple is at war with one another during dress rehearsal while attempting to make a come back to the stage, starring Richard Armitage and Jennifer Taylor Lawrence.

Watch the trailer here on Vimeo.

The short trailer shows Richard and Jennifer Taylor Lawrence at the Hackney Empire Theatre in London, recorded in 1999.


Darren Denison has kindly answered some questions regarding his short film, Staged, after he posted a trailer on Vimeo on Tuesday 8th January 2013.

Thank you for posting the trailer this morning, can you tell us more about the production please?

Thank you for your interest in “STAGED” and for wanting to share it on your website. I’m glad you liked the trailer! I was taken aback by all the attention the trailer is getting this morning as it was something done long ago. I just thought my twitter followers would be interested in seeing it and of my experience with Richard and Jennifer. A few of my Twitter followers and Facebook friends requested I share the trailer due to their great interest in Richard and his amazing role in THE HOBBIT. He surely deserves all the success that is granted to him as he was wonderful to work with!

On auditioning Richard for the role of ‘Daryl’: Richard’s strikingly handsome headshot stood out to me from the 500 submissions sent and I was impressed with what he had done, having been in a few movies and TV programs by then as well as performing in the Royal Shakespeare Company. He was already represented by among the top agents in London. So we met up at my flat in London for an audition/interview. Richard gave a flawless audition with the character of “Daryl Newman”! But what stood out most to me was his personable charm, humility and charisma, which I found endearing and captivating. I cast him on the spot and looked no further! Then the lovely Jennifer Taylor Lawrence (remininscent of a young Lauren Becall) came to the audition and I had her read with him and there was instant chemistry between them professionally and on camera. It’s always wonderful to see when two actors meet and have that instant connection and on screen chemistry. With Jennifer’s infamous voice, her vulnerability as well as her strength as an actress I felt she was Richard’s match and indeed she was!

Where was the film shown? It was only shown at a couple of private screenings and was never internationally because I had just graduated from University, moved back to California from London and immediately started working for Casting Director Victoria (Burrows – LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY, KING KONG) and then soon afterwards, 20th Century Fox in their Film/TV Distribution division. STAGED was not shown widely due to my very hectic schedule at the time. It’s a shame as we were all very proud of the piece. Just recently my associate has been updating IMDB with my projects including STAGED, and Richard’s name nor the rest of the crew and cast haven’t been added yet, except for Jennifer Taylor Lawrence and myself.









Animals, Alabama, Armitage: & how was your day?


I’ve been rewatching one of my favorite movies with Benny, who now loves it, too–“21 Jump Street.” It’s profane, it’s funny, it’s sweet, it’s politically incorrect and I absolutely LOVE it.  Sometimes you just need that.

46 avenue club sandwich Parme

46 avenue club sandwich Parme (Photo credit: u m a m i)

It’s been a good day. I enjoyed a club sandwich and sweet tea for lunch (if you can’t get a good club sandwich at the country club, where can you get one?) and most of all, I enjoyed seeing a lot of old friends again who are fellow members of the county’s humane society, who seemed to be very glad to see me, too. Our organization is staying busy, finding homes for no less than 26 pets who were sent to rescue groups in Florida, Wisconsin and Connecticut in December alone, a slow month for us. Our Dogutante Ball and Cat-sino Night is coming up in early March . . . not actually a ball, but it is a chance to get all gussied up and enjoy a silent auction, heavy hors-d’oeuvres and libations, and gaming activities that win you fun dollars to spend on great prizes. And all the monies raised go to help critters like the ones below:


ADOPTED! Kipper (Photo credit: Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue)

After the meeting, I hit Wal-Mart, which has moved everything around again, so I spent a lot of time figuring out where what I needed was now located. After sitting for two hours through the lunch and meeting, my knees were balky and one tried to do that annoying bending-backwards thing as I was traipsing through the store. I just had to stop and regroup for a moment and then I soldiered on. And what do you know, there was LOTS of Alabama Crimson Tide stuff out there. National championship shirts, of course, along with insulated tote bags, full-length body pillows and more stuff. It’s great to have bragging rights–again. For the third time in four years. Can you say, “dynasty?” I can. 😀

courtesy of alafanatic.com

courtesy of alafanatic.com

I can’t post without a least a little bit of Mr. Armitage, so here you go:



By popular request: More of Portah, John Portah!


Everyone seemed so happy to see our sexy sergeant earlier today, I thought I would whip up another post featuring our tough, take-no-prisoners, savvy-yet-sensitive John Porter of MI-6.


1i (3)portahsteelyeyedbefunkydebriefep1_267




Thumper discovers joy of Thorin’s weapons



Most of you know that our tuxedo cat Thumper is missing her back right leg. Which means it is hard for her to scratch her itches on that side. Bless her heart, instinct kicks in and her little stump will go like mad as she tilts her head to scratch, but she never gets any relief until we step in and help her out. Or until she finds something to rub her head againt.

And Monday night she discovered Thorin’s Orcrist. And she rubbed and rubbed and rubbed until that sword was well and truly polished, or would have been if it were metal instead of plastic. The look of utter bliss was just hilarious, both Benny and I were cracking up. We were also watching the Alabama game, so I didn’t get any photos taken and had to “restage” things tonight and share.

Seems we humans are not the only ones completely charmed by Thorin and his blade . . .

Lovely, luscious Lucas: New Fan Art



(Here I was, wondering why no one had commented on this particular post. Seems to be due to the fact it never actually published. What can I say, my brain hasn’t been optimum of late. Having trouble getting the art to load on my Porter post, so here’s some more Lucas to enjoy in the meantime.)

S7 remains my favorite series of Spooks: the Richard Armitage Years.  I thought the writing was superior to what we got later in the show; I truly was on the edge of my seat during many an episode.

Of course, I was completely fascinated by the cool, enigmatic, keenly intelligent Lucas North, a spy who has returned to grid after a long, unwanted absence.

I fell in love from the first moment I saw him, stumbling out of the back of that car. Even underfed, disheveled and dressed in a tatty old jumper and track pants, I thought he was simply beautiful. That view never changed.

Lucas is haunted by the eight years of torture and deprivation he suffered at the hands of the Russians. He still carries a torch for his Russian ex-wife, who is remarried and has a family of her own now.

Nonetheless, he is determined to return to some semblance of normalcy in his life and his career.  Otherwise, he won’t truly be back home; he’ll just be “back in England.”