Animals, Alabama, Armitage: & how was your day?


I’ve been rewatching one of my favorite movies with Benny, who now loves it, too–“21 Jump Street.” It’s profane, it’s funny, it’s sweet, it’s politically incorrect and I absolutely LOVE it.  Sometimes you just need that.

46 avenue club sandwich Parme

46 avenue club sandwich Parme (Photo credit: u m a m i)

It’s been a good day. I enjoyed a club sandwich and sweet tea for lunch (if you can’t get a good club sandwich at the country club, where can you get one?) and most of all, I enjoyed seeing a lot of old friends again who are fellow members of the county’s humane society, who seemed to be very glad to see me, too. Our organization is staying busy, finding homes for no less than 26 pets who were sent to rescue groups in Florida, Wisconsin and Connecticut in December alone, a slow month for us. Our Dogutante Ball and Cat-sino Night is coming up in early March . . . not actually a ball, but it is a chance to get all gussied up and enjoy a silent auction, heavy hors-d’oeuvres and libations, and gaming activities that win you fun dollars to spend on great prizes. And all the monies raised go to help critters like the ones below:


ADOPTED! Kipper (Photo credit: Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue)

After the meeting, I hit Wal-Mart, which has moved everything around again, so I spent a lot of time figuring out where what I needed was now located. After sitting for two hours through the lunch and meeting, my knees were balky and one tried to do that annoying bending-backwards thing as I was traipsing through the store. I just had to stop and regroup for a moment and then I soldiered on. And what do you know, there was LOTS of Alabama Crimson Tide stuff out there. National championship shirts, of course, along with insulated tote bags, full-length body pillows and more stuff. It’s great to have bragging rights–again. For the third time in four years. Can you say, “dynasty?” I can. 😀

courtesy of

courtesy of

I can’t post without a least a little bit of Mr. Armitage, so here you go:



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I'm an LA native--Lower Alabama, that is. My husband of more than 30 years and I live here on a portion of my family's former farm with two gorgeous calicos and a handsome GSD mix. My background is art education, and over the years I've been a teacher, department store photographer, sales associate and a journalist. My husband, his business partner and I have Pecan Ridge Productions, a video production company, for which I shoot & edit video and stills and manage marketing. I also still write part-time for the local paper. I love movies, music, art, photography and books, and my tastes in all of them are eclectic.

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  1. I’m glad you reconnected with old friends today and in such a worthwhile endeavour too. The fundraisers sound good. And that grey kitty is quite the most beautiful thing i’ve seen since…RA earlier today!

      • Can you put up a link for online purchase of the calendar, or is it just a local thing? They could make lovely gifts. There is a shelter near Seattle WA that fundraises with a calendar, as well as similar events.

        Yes, that gray kitty is beautiful. I keep hoping that these kitties will find their purrfect forever homes.

        • It’s not set up to purchase online, although I should mention this to Herbert as something to consider for next year if not this year. We have members who have the computer savvy to do it. The calendars are really beautiful, and we have folks who live away submit their pets’ photos for possible submission (we charge $5 per entry with no limit on submissions as an additional way to raise funds). I want to enter some of the photos I’ve taken of my pets in recent months and also darling little Hannah, my sister’s dog with the soulful eyes. 😉

  2. Going to animal shelters is one of the most heart breaking things around! I wish I could take more home, but alas, I can only travel with one. So my dear, sweet Buddy is the lucky one here. (I’m pretty lucky to have found this darling boy, too!) (=^^=)

    I’m so happy for your favorite team. It’s really fun to have a dynasty in football. We Steelers fans are a little crazy for our team as well. I don’t really love, love, love football, (I just watch them, not every game I can) I mainly love Pittsburgh and I love how upstanding most of our players are. They do so much charity around the Pittsburgh area. From Franco Harris to Heinz Ward, they really give so much. Many of those guy’s who retired years and years ago, still continue to give to the city who loves them. They play/played great and it’s fun to cheer on fantastic people as well. I hope you got a new shirt to wear! Go Crimson Tide!!

    • We are going to stick with our four for now, but I am sure later we will add more pets to the household.

      College football is particularly big here in Alabama because we don’t have a pro team in the state (closest is Atlanta Falcons). It is my favorite spectator sport. I used to go along to all the high school football games because my older sisters were in the band. Later I was part of the pep squad. When S was at Alabama, we attended several games. My university was smaller and at the time, didn’t play in the same NCAA division as Alabama (they do now). I’ve always been an Alabama fan, even during the not-so-great years. We have a fabulous coach who really knows how to motivate the players, and some really good guys on the team. After the tornadoes devastated part of Tuscaloosa, the players went out and helped with the clean up. They won last year’s national championship for the people of Tuscaloosa as well as themselves, they said. I am super-proud of them all!

      I had to get some pricey toiletry items so I didn’t get a shirt this trip–a little later on. 🙂

    • Once upon a time, I travelled comfortably and economically with my cat. However, I understand that now some airlines are really gouging to take pets. They demand that you use their carrier (which you must purchase), pay for their vet check, charge “handling” fees, and so on in addition to the fare, for a “cabin pet”! I hope I never have to fly with Lucky if this kind of thing continues.

      • Luckily, I can get where I’m going by car. I drive 426 miles to my parents house. I take Buddy in his extra large carrier strapped in the front seat by me; his own suit case for toys, treats, food, bowls, etc.; and his potty. I lock the car and let him out at least 2 or 3 times to roam my SUV. So 2 cats would be a little more difficult.

        • It’s really nice when you can let your pet out to roam a bit in the vehicle. We used to do that with Ginger. Smokie would burrow under whatever she could find to burrow under and basically stay there until we stopped. Then her head would pop up and she would meow, “Are we THERE yet??” She didn’t much like traveling. 😉

          And poor Mary Ann was either sick or drugged up. Wasn’t much fun for her.

          Ginger was our best cat traveler and our little dog, who became the in-law’s dog when we moved to Ohio and couldn’t have a canine, was the happiest pet traveler of all. Every rest stop was a new adventure. New grass to sniff! He’d run along and leap like a little gazelle! LOL

          • I only let him roam during stops because once my late cat Pepper got under the brake pedal. Luckily, I didn’t have to use it. It was scary! So they are always put back in the cage. At first, I have to lay the drivers seat back and climb over it to get them so I can put them back inside the cage, but after a while, as soon as I turn on the car they come up and get in the cage. I always give them treats when they get in. I have an extra large cage with a soft towel and toys inside. They don’t love it but they are safe and secure. Another reason I like to cage them is because my parents had a cat in the car when they were rear-ended. Missy flew from the back ledge right up to the front and hit the wind shield. Thank goodness she was alright, but it was scary for all those involved! Oh, and once Kari Jo got out and hid under the car. We had a tough time trying to get her back in. We were afraid she would run and get hit by another car in the parking lot. Oh, no, I’m late. bye!

      • Yeah, it has changed tremendously in recent years. We once flew Smokie from South Dakota to Alabama. Everything else has been road trips with the pets. As I mentioned before, our late kitty Mary Ann had terrible motion sickness problems so we eventually had to sedate her before any such long trip. 😦

  3. I didn’t know that you were in good ole Alabama! I’m in Atlanta 🙂 Do you ever make it over to DragonCon? I go every year-since I’m right here. I’m hoping to make it to ComicCon this year as well! For obvious reasons 😉

    • Oh, wow, we aren’t so far apart, then. Many happy memories of Six Flags and the runaway mine train ride. 😀 Have never been to Dragon-Con, one of my former co-workers attended a few times. I want to go to Comic-Con, too–actually, I was going last year, had my room booked, plane ticket and everything but *sigh* it’s a long story.

      I’d love for Benny and I both to go. I signed us up for tickets whenever they do become available. We’ll see . . .

  4. Ugh! The runaway mine train ride…I rode it once when I was eight. I suffer from intense motion sickness so, I didn’t enjoy it very much! LOL
    There were a few peeps from LOTR at DragonCon in September-Gimli, Haldir, & Pippin. Obviously, ComicCon is the place to be for the major stuff.

    • I have no motion sickness problems, having taken a flight lesson, flown lying on my belly in the boom pod of a KC 135 tanker plane–yet I have a fear of extreme heights. So I can’t do the really high roller coasters. The mine train became a favorite; however, how that I have the fibromyalgia and other health issues, I am afraid I would be jerked into one massive muscle spasm. 😉

      Yeah, Comic-Con seems to have the heavy hitters.

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