By popular request: More of Portah, John Portah!


Everyone seemed so happy to see our sexy sergeant earlier today, I thought I would whip up another post featuring our tough, take-no-prisoners, savvy-yet-sensitive John Porter of MI-6.


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  1. You know we can NEVER have too much Porter, my dear! 😉 Isn’t it amazing how all these wonderful characters came to life through the same incredibly talented man. They all seem so real to us that we mourned their deaths; celebrated their triumphs; swooned when they kissed; ached when they were hurt, (either physically or psychologically) as if they were real people. I don’t believe any other actor has touched my soul the way Richard has. Even though I am still on a “Thorin high”, I can hardly wait for Black Sky to hit our screens to see what he has done with this new character! 🙂

    • He does a wonderful job making us care so deeply about these characters. They do seem so real to me and I can absolutely say no other actor has touched me as deeply as Richard has with his performances. And then he’s so gosh-darned likeable on top of all that talent. I know, I can hardly wait for Black Sky, either. 😀

      • Unfortunately I rather doubt Black Sky will ever be released in Hungary..:( I asked Todd Garner on twitter whether there were any chances of that happening but he didn’t get back to me. I suppose he probably doesn’t know it yet..

  2. OMG you are killing me!!!! I’ve GOT to get my hands on some Spooks and soon or I shall go mental!!! Job for this afternoon: get online!

  3. Good grief, the way he’s looking at Danni in that third pic…makes my toes curl. I adore Porter. I can’t get enough of him either.

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