Hotness required: Porter reporting for duty!




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    • I think he’s mine too, I keep switching from him to John Standring and back… 😀
      By the way, are you an Ashes to Ashes fan by any chance? 😉

      • Yes i am Noemi! I had a little crush on Gene Hunt. But i also like good champagne (Bolly) and my brother used to tease me by calling me Knickers when i was little (my real name is Nicola). So bollyknickers appealed to me when i had to create a board name. I was most put out when i signed up for Amazon and there was already a bollyknickers – i thought i was the only one!

        • I had a crush on him too! 😀 I really missed that series… Hey, I just thought about it, wouldn’t it be great to have the Guv working with Lucas or Porter? They’re not exactly from the police, but they both certainly would have enough issues to enter Gene’s world… 🙂
          They only one Bollyknickers? That’s impossible considering the amount of fans the Guv had… 😉

          • That is the only way the BBC scriptwriters could redeem themselves for the travesty of S9 of Spooks – Lucas wakes up in 1985 and has been transferred to Gene Hunts team…

    • I love me some John Porter. I’ve done fanfic of various lengths with Guy, Harry, Lucas, but John’s the only one I wrote a full-length novel that I didn’t want to finish. I mean, I didn’t want it to end.

      • Is that on Dreamer Fiction? I haven’t read anything longer than a one-shot for months (which is probably a positive thing as i tend to only get time when i throw my back out and need to lie flat for days on end). I should really make time for some JP fic…

  1. WOW WOW WOW… It’s just about 7 ºC out there, but this man takes me right to the middle of summer in a matter of seconds!! Angie, you’ve done it, you’ve improved perfection, your artwork and words have made Portah look a million times better… Wow, just… WOW

  2. Why oh why wasn’t that making-out fantasy sequence longer? Much much longer? Sky is a pay TV channel after all.. I never watched season 2 of SB but heard there were lot of explicit scenes in it! This, on the other hand was so tasteful and steamy but way too short! Gorgeous artwork, Angie!

    • I only saw till Richard wasn’t there any more, and I can tell you that it was far from tasteful, put it that way… What a way of ruining a perfect series, I’m glad that Richard had to leave for New Zealand… And saying that, Porter’s end was as unfair and ridiculous as Lucas’ one, it was absolutely awful and the chaRActer didn’t deserve it AT ALL!

      • I will argue until I am blue in the face that they needn’t have killed JP off. Why not leave him driving off into the mountains and just start afresh with the new guys. That way they could have left the door open for RA to re sign ( not that he would want to, having seen the direction season 2 took, I would guess, but they weren’t to know that). No- it strikes me that ego’s were at work here; RA wanted out and TPTB punished him with a ridiculous plot. The shame if it is that the whole SB franchise has been devalued- people who haven’t seen S 1 just assume it is a ‘boys with big guns’ show without any depth.

        • That was my impression was them slamming the door on the character in retribution for him wiggling out of the deal – I think somewhere in a Q&A a producer said that since he was obviously not coming back, they’d send him out with a bang – LAME (IMO).

          • I agree with Obscura’s take on it. There were plenty of ways they could have had Porter exit the series, dramatically satisfying ones congruent with his character. I suspect that there was a decent clause in RA’s contract that meant he didn’t have to buy his way out to do TH. When TH got the green light, the producers retaliated with this petty piece of rubbish. Oh, well, we know that Porter is SND; may he live forever! (And may his armpits be erogenous zones for him as well as for us. 😉 )

        • Fully agree. They should have left him in that Range Rover or Jeep or whatever it was and started over, because basically they did that anyway–all new cast. I feel that RA was punished twice–first with that ridiculous plot line and ignominious death he was given in Spooks 9 and then with this travesty in SB. And yeah, if you’ve only seen the “new and improved” HA! SB on Cinemax, you have no idea what the original brought to the table.

          • There really was no reason to pull his character back into the “reincarnation” at all…I smell sour grapes. That’s OK – we who know that he is SND can have so much fun with AU versions of life after SB1 🙂

              • I am plotting out a longer Porter story, and I’m impatiently waiting for my DVD’s to show up so I can refresh myself on Porterisms 🙂 I originally watched the series in chunks on YouTube, but some enterprising person has pulled them all down…ergh – I’m all for copyright law, but could we maybe (especially for someone who’s star is on the rise) make some of this stuff more widely available? Please?

              • I don’t think SB is even available in our region in anything but Blu-Ray. I have it in regular DVD. I absolutely agree—we need more of RA’s stuff available on DVD (and Blu-Ray) in our region. Of course, if Amazon keeps up its current trend, it’s still bloody cheaper for me to order from UK even having to pay the shipping vs. ordering from US site with free shipping, due to the huge markup on Brit vids. 😦 More RA stuff at affordable Prices!! We demand it!

              • I ordered it from the UK — I think it was only like $15 with shipping, but I will have to go all techno and de-region one of our DVD players because it was only available in Region 2..grumble, grumble!

              • I have a region-free player Benny bought me a few years ago. Love it. You can also watch a lot of Region 2 videos on your computer, but of course, it’s not as good as a flat screen TV.

              • It’s supposedly a pretty easy fix – especially with a cheap DVD player…just a remote control cheat code to bypass the region setting apparently…all hail Google!

              • Yes – apparently it is very easy to switch (all the DVD players come out of China anyway and then get programmed for the local market) but just check whether you need to do anything at all before you start. Ours turned out to be set to multi region even though it didn’t say that anywhere on the box.

              • I think that I will put Obscurus on the job – as he is my Armitage enabler, it seems only fair. 🙂

      • If that was the direction they were determined to take the show, I am also very grateful Richard isn’t in it anymore . . . that being said, I HATED the way they wrote out his character. H-A-T-E-D.

    • That was one of the hottest scenes of its type I’ve seen on TV. Really steamy. Richard and Shelley had great chemistry together (although her character was sadly underwritten). That brief sequence was much, much hotter than shots of one of the new SB guys banging a prostitute in some brothel before grappling naked with the bad guys. *rolls eyes* That just felt really–gratuitous. Like, “Hello, we are on Cinemax now, let’s show lots of skin and f***ing.”

  3. Porter is probably my fave to date – I have him on the brain right now (waiting for my DVD’s to arrive from the UK – my first RA purchase 🙂 ) He is another RA character that is so not dead!

    • I have to get ready for my luncheon date with the humane society prez, but I will jump in and say RA fans who refuse to watch Strike Back (the real SB, with John Porter) are MISSING OUT on a fabulous character. If they have a problem with loads of gratuitous sex and violence, then yeah, avoid the Cinemax version at all costs. But Sky’s version, thanks to RA and talents like Andrew Lincoln, Jodhi May, et al had some breadth, depth and scope and was worth the viewers’ time and effort. Good production values and strong performances, particularly by RA as John Porter, a soldier with heart and soul.

      • We were talking about this the other much RA brings to some of these roles that may well not have been in the original concept of the chaRActer. There are some classic lines in SB though…”a chronic case of bipolar daftness” is one of my personal faves!

        • While I had some issues with the scripts–mainly characters disappearing and us not knowing their fates, A’sad, Katie, to name a couple–there were some bright moments and you also had a really talented group of actors who made the most of their roles.

          I think Richard had great chemistry with so many people he appeared with in SB–not only Shelley, but Orla (how can we forget their moments together as he comforted her?) and Jodhi (I think of their exchange in the prison scenes when they communicated so much with their eyes) and his male counterparts–Andrew, Ewan and sorry, forgot name of guy playing Masuku. I think RA shines his best when he’s playing opposite talented, nuanced actors with whom he’s established a sort of rapport. And we know he likes that environment, being part of an ensemble.

            • These two guys were wonderful together! They really sparked off each other as characters. Being a Scot myself I loved all the traditional Scottish versus English verbal sparring that Richard and Ewen engaged in; words like Braveheart and Tartan Taliban from Richard and when Ewan called Richard “you dozy English p**** ” and yelled out that he was from “Cowdenbeath!” while they trudged across the hills to Sharq’s headquarters! LOL!!

              I heartily agree that there could have been countless better endings they could have given John Porter. As in Spooks 9 they totally dismissed both Lucas and JP’s back stories that we can be sure Richard put his heart into creating. They ignored the fact that John had a daughter who would now be an orphan! I *know* they are both just TV series but it makes me hopping mad when characters that have been so brilliantly crafted are treated in such a heartless manner.

              I don’t think I was ever as shocked by an on-screen death as I was by John’s – not just the fact that they killed him off but the manner in which it was done. Totally unnecessary IMHO but at the same time I’m thankful that he is well out of the Cinemax version! *shudders*

              • I am the last person that will say “it’s only a TV show”–I cried buckets over Guy and at least he got to die a hero, redeemed. Look what they did to Lucas!! And then to poor John Porter . . . Richard puts so much of himself, his heart and soul and intellect into developing these characters, it just hurts when you feel as if they are handled so cavalierly by TPTB.

              • Yeah **mutter, mutter, grumble, grumble, thinks wistfully of nice sharp sword back in storage locker** However, writing fanfic may be the best revenge. Richard’s chaRActers live on, SND and in mamy cases, happily ever after.

              • I haven’t seen it and i’m very glad. It wasn’t shown in Australia until very recently and by then enough RA fans had said it was something they wished they could erase from their memories.

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