Lovely, luscious Lucas: New Fan Art



(Here I was, wondering why no one had commented on this particular post. Seems to be due to the fact it never actually published. What can I say, my brain hasn’t been optimum of late. Having trouble getting the art to load on my Porter post, so here’s some more Lucas to enjoy in the meantime.)

S7 remains my favorite series of Spooks: the Richard Armitage Years.  I thought the writing was superior to what we got later in the show; I truly was on the edge of my seat during many an episode.

Of course, I was completely fascinated by the cool, enigmatic, keenly intelligent Lucas North, a spy who has returned to grid after a long, unwanted absence.

I fell in love from the first moment I saw him, stumbling out of the back of that car. Even underfed, disheveled and dressed in a tatty old jumper and track pants, I thought he was simply beautiful. That view never changed.

Lucas is haunted by the eight years of torture and deprivation he suffered at the hands of the Russians. He still carries a torch for his Russian ex-wife, who is remarried and has a family of her own now.

Nonetheless, he is determined to return to some semblance of normalcy in his life and his career.  Otherwise, he won’t truly be back home; he’ll just be “back in England.”





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    • Oh YES. Lucas is one of my favorite characters. Guy is # 1, with Thorin, Porter and Lucas running neck and neck together and Harry close behind. 😉 I find something to love and appreciate in all of them, even the baddies.

      • Ah thanks but I’m in Australia *sob* will have to see if I can find DVDs or something. What series is he in? Is it 7 and 8?

          • Yes, good luck! Seasons 7 and 8 of Spooks [known in the U.S. as MI-5] are worth owning if you can get them. Season 9 is a fiendishly appalling piece of scriptwriting, does not hold up at all, but is nonetheless worth seeing for what Richard can do with it. Many of us disavow and utterly reject S9 for what TPTB did to Lucas.

            Once you have seen Richard as Lucas, you will be even more deeply smitten. And I heartily recommend that you read Fedoralady’s “Sloth Fiction” wherein the chaRActers find out who is really responsible for what they did to Lucas in S9.

            • S9 is seriously a case of a thousand monkeys with keyboards creating scripts. But Mr. A’s presence makes up for it.

              And definitely follow Leigh’s advice. Fedoralady’s series should be considered required reading for all. *giggle* (I think I may need to take a refresher course, soon. 😉 )

              • Thanks guys. Will definatley get the DVDs through the website if money goes to RA’s chosen charity – how cool is that!? Ive been so desperate to see spooks, i know my dad goes on about how goood it is (but i think he may appreciate it for slightly different reasons!) And soooo going to check out fedoraladys fanfic. Maybe that can be my thursday nights entertainment…

              • Fedoralady is thinking she needs to re-read the series, too. She read her Christmas entry from last year and had a lovely laugh over Harry’s light-up musical Christmas sweater. 😉

            • I am glad I watched S9 purely as support for Richard and what he was able to accomplish IN SPITE of those scriptwriters. Grrrrrrrr. And thanks for the shout-out for Sloth Fiction, Leigh! 😀

  1. S7 was definitely one of his shining moments! When I think of what they did to that poor guy….ooooohhhh don’t get me started!

  2. Must watch Spooks/MI-5 with Richard in it. All I have ever seen has either Matthew Mcfayden or Rupert Penry-Jordan. I need to find out about Lucas and chocolate covered doughnuts and tea.

    • Oh, yes, you need to see Lucas. He really is a lovely character and very different from others. And watching him suck chocolate off his fingers is just one delight. 😉

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