All in the (Dwarf) family



Forget Grumpy, Sneezy and Dopey. We prefer Middle-earth’s fierce and gorgeous breed of vertically-challenged fellas.  Give us that breathtaking Uncle Thorin, the King Under the Mountain, and his two adorable sister-sons, Kili and Fili.








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      • I seem to be the only one on DF posting Thorin fanfic NC17, although Khandy did a good story. I know people have posted stories on Wattpad, but where is everybody? Still too stunned by TH?

        • Probably. And maybe some of the writers aren’t as “in” to Thorin? Or don’t feel comfortable tackling his story, perhaps due to lack of knowledge of Middle-earth, dwarven lore, etc.

          • Are you familiar with Dreamer Fiction? It’s a fan fiction site run by Ali (of Richard Armitage Net). It’s by membership and you have to be recommended. Leigh is an asst. administrator there. Lots of adult fiction there featuring various RA characters (as well as PG stuff, too).

            • Susan, I know you’re on the high side of 18. I’d be glad to recommend you for membership in Dreamer Fiction, if you wish. There are a few quite sensible rules, and it is a very supportive environment for both readers and writers. Angie, you have my permission to give Susan my e-mail address.

              • Sorry to butt in on your comment, Leigh, but you have just been the cause of a light bulb moment for me 🙂 I’ve just realized why my application to Dreamer Fiction wasn’t approved. Somehow I completed tuned out the “recommendation part” and only tried to somehow verify that I’m well over 18 (the figure in my username is actually the year of my birth 🙂 ) Ah well, bummer 😦

              • Somehow I’m not sure where this comment will end up [ I’m quite new to wordpress and some things baffle me to no end 🙂 ] Here is my reply to this comment of yours, Angie.:

                You can still get in, Steph. If you would like me to do so, I can provide your email addy to Leigh and she can go from there. Cheers!

                I’d love it if you could smooth the way for me to Dreamer Fiction but only if you feel comfortable about it. Thank you very much, Angie. 🙂

              • Picked up the addy, Sundew1967, and will send you e-mail to confirm a few things, then send the recommendation. Meanwhile, Angie, can I ask you to edit the comment and redact Sundew1967’s address, because it should not really be posted publicly?

              • There’s also the issue that the admin who does the coding for new members is very busy and has not been able to get to these immediately. We’re working on it, but the best way is still a recommendation and a PM from within the board.

              • I’m sorry Leigh. My comment wasn’t meant to critizise you or your fellow admins. Real life always has priority, of course. I was basically rolling my eyes at myself for not reading the instructions on how to register properly. Again, I’m sorry if I came across as rude or impatient. Cheers, Steph.

  1. My 18 year old daughter still insists Kili is the hot dwarf – she’s now watching all the Being Human episodes she can get her hands on, and searching the internet for information on the lovely Aiden Turner. I know how she feels although obviously i’m lusting after the uncle. After much debate over whether uncle or sister son is hotter, we agreed we both have great taste.

    • Aidan is very attractive and he’s a good actor, too and seems like a sweet guy. I loved him as Mitchell in Being Human. I just prefer older men to crush on. 😉 But I certainly approve of your daughter’s choice, too. 😀

        • Exactly. RA may seem a little too old for your daughter to crush on–daddy age?–while crushing on Aidan would feel like I was a cougar going after jailbait. LOL I am older than RA, but not old enough to be his mother. 😉

        • Although I also know there are many ladies older than I am who definitely do not have maternal feelings towards RA.;) But he’s a grown up, too–not that Aidan isn’t but–you know what I mean.

          • Yes – i know where you are coming from. It’s just hormones. We can’t be held responsible.

            Speaking of which.. i’m on my own tonight (2 out of three children out, one closeted in room, Mr bolly away with work) so am indulging in a little JP – the first episode of SB, followed by a look at your JP fic.

            Can you hear me purring?

            • Yup. Raging hormones. *sigh*

              Have a lovely time of it! UHMMM, uhmmm, John Porter. Be warned that Truce is NC-17. John Porter has that effect on me. Heck, a lot of RA’s characters have that effect on me! But you are a grown-up girl. 😉

              I found out recently that our dear little Sebastian was reading some of my NC-17 RH stuff when he was underage and going under a different identity. So we’ve known each other longer than I realized! LOL Naughty bunny. Honestly, I do not set out to corrupt the morals of minors.

              My stupid knees have not let me rest and my side pain is acting up again. For the life of me, I can’t get comfortable. I took a muscle relaxer–postponing most of my plans for today until tomorrow-and have heating pad on one knee. I should have picked up some sort of liniment at Wal-Mart, I guess. Maybe I can scrounge around later and find something that still has efficacy.

              • I certainly hope it is NC-17!

                Naughty Sebastian – however, whoever recommended him should bear some responsibility. Teenagers will be teenagers – usually involving fake ID and alcohol. At least your fiction won’t give him brain damage! And, TBH, most teenagers see stuff on the internet that would make us blush so if he is corrupted it probably wasn’t your writing!

                Sorry to hear you are in such pain. Chronic pain is so difficult both physically and emotionally and you do well to remain so cheerful.

              • LOL Just wanted to give you a heads up. 😉 I have always been careful about not steering people I knew were underage (or adults that I knew had more delicate sensibilities about steamy fiction) to my explicit stuff. The teacher’s conscience in me, I guess. However, knowing that a lot of teenagers are reading books like 50 Shades–*shudders* I know many of them are exposed to stuff much worse than my work, in more ways than one.

                Right now I think Thumper and I are a good match. She’s only got three legs, and I have two bad ones. 😉 Benny says we are a lot alike. LOL

              • Actually, some of Fedoralady’s RH NC17 fic is accessible on sites that don’t require recommendation or age verification. However, if you don’t know what you are looking for, you are unlikely to find it. When I think about what I was reading long before I was “of age”, it didn’t corrupt me. It did make me think critically about the writing and about some of the characters. Just depends on the person reading… (Note that Beavis and Butthead are unlikely to be literate.)

              • That’s true and I think it was a Live Journal that he read the stuff. But it’s so hard to navigate there! DF is much more user-friendly. My reading was never censored when growing up either, and my older sisters had a few racier novels I indulged in . . . but I was still a very good girl. 😉

              • NC-17 John Porter?! Can I find it on Live Journal (since Dreamer Fiction is not available for me) ? If you don’t mind to point me in the direction, I’d be grateful. And I’ll be adding you to my friends list on LJ, if you don’t mind that either:-)
                Cheers, Steph

  2. Ahhh just what I needed after a very tricky day with miss 5 home with a fever and her 3 year old brother insisting on making her feel better by playing his drum kit! But your pics of my dreamy Thorin have restored my sense of well being. Ta! 😃

  3. The boys are cute but give me Thorin and I’d be the happiest camper in the world 🙂 The sister-sons would give me this awkward “robbing the cradle” feeling. Your graphics are stunning. Thorin’s look in the third one could incinerate a whole city 🙂
    Angie, I hope you are feeling better today! I’ll be sending some healing vibes over the big pond to you.
    Cheers, Steph

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