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How about a Saturday Smorgasbord?



Unfadingly handsome

I have some stuff I want to write about but I really need some sleep. So I am going to share some nice piccies of Mr. A.’s ChaRActer and see if I can zone out here and catch some ZZZs while my hair dries. Hope your weekends are going well.


Beauty underpinned by brains


against-the-law handsome


Portah is comin’ . . . eyeballs, behave!


Lick-his-boots seductive

Richard’s first appearance in a big budget blockbuster. Nope, not The Hobbit.



The Hobbit trilogy is not Richard’s first foray into the blockbuster sci fi/fantasy genre. Back in 1999, he appeared in a miniscule role in the first film of the prequel trilogy to the Star Wars franchise, Star Wars: Episode I-The Phantom Menace. In fact, Richard himself has said he has a hard time finding Richard Armitage in the final film!  He played a Naboo fighter pilot and apparently donned costumes for one or two other characters, but he thinks they ended up on the cutting room floor. The above photo has appeared at more than one site and, judging by those eyes, I’d say there is a good chance this is RA in a scene with Natalie Portman.

Richard also ended up on Star Wars trading cards. Here’s the photo that appeared on the back of some of them:


I think he was still lovin’ the hair gel back then. Just teasin,’ Rich. You look handsome. But not as handsome as you do now.

And I have to say you’ve come a long way, baby!


Nourishing, Nurturing Dwarf: TAE Words for the Day


We know that Richard has said he is a man who wishes to be involved in “nourishing and nurturing” in his life.

According to Bing Dictionary, “nourishing” means:

providing good sustenance: providing people, animals, or plants with a substantial quantity of the substances they require to live, grow, or remain fit and healthy

And “nurturing” is defined as:

(1) to take care of a young thing: to give tender care and protection to a young child, animal, or plant, helping it to grow and develop

(2) to encourage somebody or something to flourish: to encourage somebody or something to grow, develop, thrive, and be successful

(3) to keep feeling: to keep a feeling in the mind for a long time, allowing it to grow or deepen

Richard Armitage and the woman who transformed him into Thorin for more than 250 days, Oscar Nominee Tami Lane.

Richard Armitage and the woman who transformed him into Thorin for more than 250 days, Oscar Nominee Tami Lane.

I love this photo. Tami looks so happy and Richard, well, Richard is wearing that customary sweet smile. And there are those beautiful, capable, strong hands resting on Tami’s shoulders in an almost protective pose.

Then, notice that his midnight blue Thorin robe appears to be wrapped around his makeup artist.  Is it a cold day in spite of the sunshine with Richard trying to keep Tami from getting chilled?  Is it merely a playful gesture on Richard’s part? Whatever the case, they obviously have a bond of friendship between them.

When I think of Richard as someone who nourishes and nurtures, I think of a man who is kind and considerate, a true friend, an encourager, a team player, a mentor. I remember how enthusiastically Lucy Griffiths spoke of Richard being the best screen partner on Robin Hood. I think of how Richard always makes sure he mentions the various crew members and praises their work in helping him look and move like and become the character.

Richard Armitage:  dedicated actor, active supporter of charitable endeavors, a man who nourishes and nurtures.

Altogether a worthy fellow to emulate in so many ways.