Nourishing, Nurturing Dwarf: TAE Words for the Day


We know that Richard has said he is a man who wishes to be involved in “nourishing and nurturing” in his life.

According to Bing Dictionary, “nourishing” means:

providing good sustenance: providing people, animals, or plants with a substantial quantity of the substances they require to live, grow, or remain fit and healthy

And “nurturing” is defined as:

(1) to take care of a young thing: to give tender care and protection to a young child, animal, or plant, helping it to grow and develop

(2) to encourage somebody or something to flourish: to encourage somebody or something to grow, develop, thrive, and be successful

(3) to keep feeling: to keep a feeling in the mind for a long time, allowing it to grow or deepen

Richard Armitage and the woman who transformed him into Thorin for more than 250 days, Oscar Nominee Tami Lane.

Richard Armitage and the woman who transformed him into Thorin for more than 250 days, Oscar Nominee Tami Lane.

I love this photo. Tami looks so happy and Richard, well, Richard is wearing that customary sweet smile. And there are those beautiful, capable, strong hands resting on Tami’s shoulders in an almost protective pose.

Then, notice that his midnight blue Thorin robe appears to be wrapped around his makeup artist.  Is it a cold day in spite of the sunshine with Richard trying to keep Tami from getting chilled?  Is it merely a playful gesture on Richard’s part? Whatever the case, they obviously have a bond of friendship between them.

When I think of Richard as someone who nourishes and nurtures, I think of a man who is kind and considerate, a true friend, an encourager, a team player, a mentor. I remember how enthusiastically Lucy Griffiths spoke of Richard being the best screen partner on Robin Hood. I think of how Richard always makes sure he mentions the various crew members and praises their work in helping him look and move like and become the character.

Richard Armitage:  dedicated actor, active supporter of charitable endeavors, a man who nourishes and nurtures.

Altogether a worthy fellow to emulate in so many ways.

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  1. I think this has become one of my favourite pictures! The way Tami is wrapped up in his robe is just adorable as is Richard’s sweet smile. You can just tell they became fast friends and very comfortable around each other, which isn’t surprising considering how many hours they spent in each other’s company. Who wouldn’t smile being in the same place as Tami is – lucky girl. 😉 *sigh*

    If she doesn’t get the Oscar I will be rather upset I think, although being nominated in itself is a huge honour!

    • It’s one of my favorites, too, Teuchter. Lots of warm fuzzies there. 😀 With three to four hours in that makeup chair every day for the entire shoot, yeah, it’s important that you do develop a bond, otherwise it could make for a much less enjoyable experience. Richard just seems like he’d be a darned nice bloke to hang out with–very copacetic. I have to say I am proud to know Tami is a fellow American, too–I really hope she does win. I just don’t think the intricacy and complexity of the hair and makeup in Les Miz or Hitchcock could possibly equal what they did in TH. If she doesn’t win, I will feel she was cheated. 😉

  2. Yes, it’s lovely. I love candid shots ( as opposed to photo shoot) of Richard- he has the nicest smile. And Tami looks equally happy ( as well she might- snuggled inside RA’s cape!). I think it must have been a cold day as she has what looks like a thick wind cheater on. But I’m sure A cuddle with Thorin was very welcome.

    • Even if it was 100 degrees, I think it would be welcome. But again, the fact he did that indicates to me that sweet, generous nature. I remember being on the Seine on a bateau mouche and it was a very chilly summer’s evening. One of the girls had not brought a jacket with her (in spite of their teacher insisting that everyone should) and Benny voluntarily gave up his own. Poor guy also went home sick. 😉 Bad enough dealing with jet lag!

  3. Richard mentioned her in at least 5 interviews, I think he mentioned her whenever he could, really. 🙂 I think he also said he made a friend for life in Tami. Good for both of them! 😀 They really look very relaxed together. Great photo! I really, really hope Tami wins too, it would be such a shame if she didn’t! The Hobbit deserves at least 1 Oscar..

    • I agree. I think it’s too good a film not to win at least Academy Award. I don’t know why they didn’t get nominated for costume design, too. Look at the all the details that went into all those dwarf costumes . . . oh, well. I noticed that several people who were expected to get a nod for best director were snubbed, Kathryn Bigelow and Ben Affleck were a couple of them. Yes, RA did bring up Tami’s name a number of times. I think he felt without her artistry, he wouldn’t been able to properly transform into the warrior dwarf king and he’s always one to give credit where credit is due. 😀

      • I’m wondering if the voters are waiting to see the completely trilogy before giving them more awards that just make-up, special effects, etc. (Not that those aren’t terrific, but they just hit the tip of the iceberg!) That’s what happened last time. The final installment received more awards. We will see! I just don’t want to wait so long!

        • Yeah, I have thought of that possibility, too–a repeat of the pattern of LOTR. And what’s funny is some people thought it was the weakest (Return of the King) of the three films! Oh, well, just another two years . . .

        • I don’t think you can compare this to LOTR. The Hobbit is a solid, fun blockbuster movie, nothing more and nothing less. It is not a bad thing, but it is no award material. Such movies just don’t get awards, the only other blockbuster movie apart from the Hobbit that got more than one nomination is Skyfall, and the reception of that was exceptionally good for a Bond. Usually Bonds don’t get nominated either. So in that respect the Hobbit actually did well.

          I think PJ and WB know this and don’t care. The third part will be a summer blockbuster and I think they hope it will do better at the box office at that time of the year, but it won’t be one of the award candidate that are usually released around Christmas.

  4. Ladies, I completely agree! He looks so sweet, caring and happy. She looks thrilled to death. I know if I had the opportunity to be wrapped up in Richard’s anything I would feel the same!
    Bollyknickers, I agree with you about the candid photos. The photo shoot photos look wonderful but those candid moments of him grinning, and interacting with others are the priceless ones! He always makes me grin, too! Sometimes I even hear his goofy giggle in my head!

  5. That pic really gives an idea how fun and relaxed it must have been working on the Hobbit and working with RA.

    I think the Hobbit probably won’t win anything (awards will go to the movies the academy generally likes better) but it is great that at least the lovely and dedicated people working behind the scenes got a nod. I felt sorry for them that their work shouldn’t be recognized just because PJ made some unpopular decisions. They worked so hard on all the details and all they got from some reviewers was that everything looks “fake” and “cheap” thanks to HFR.

    Besides, I really enjoy the idea that RA’s beard got nominated for an Oscar!

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