Richard’s first appearance in a big budget blockbuster. Nope, not The Hobbit.



The Hobbit trilogy is not Richard’s first foray into the blockbuster sci fi/fantasy genre. Back in 1999, he appeared in a miniscule role in the first film of the prequel trilogy to the Star Wars franchise, Star Wars: Episode I-The Phantom Menace. In fact, Richard himself has said he has a hard time finding Richard Armitage in the final film!  He played a Naboo fighter pilot and apparently donned costumes for one or two other characters, but he thinks they ended up on the cutting room floor. The above photo has appeared at more than one site and, judging by those eyes, I’d say there is a good chance this is RA in a scene with Natalie Portman.

Richard also ended up on Star Wars trading cards. Here’s the photo that appeared on the back of some of them:


I think he was still lovin’ the hair gel back then. Just teasin,’ Rich. You look handsome. But not as handsome as you do now.

And I have to say you’ve come a long way, baby!


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  1. Thanks for this. The only reason I rewatched that movie was to try to see Richard, but the shot was too quick for me. He has come a long way — now he is simply dazzling.

    • I was no fan of that movie, I have to admit, although I loved the first three films. Even back then, he was far more attractive than the average male, but now—holey, moley!!

  2. Definitely looks like him! Thank you for sharing this rare treasure! I think I’ve seen Phantom Menace but can’t remember much of it.. Didn’t make a lasting impression on me…

    • I was disappointed with it in comparison with the first films. As Benny said, “If that had been the first Star Wars film made, I’m sure there would have been any more.” 😉 Still, it’s cool to be able to say you were in one of the films. Even if it’s a “blink and you miss it” sort of way LOL

  3. Hi, for the last month or so I came here daily to read your blog. It’s such an oasis of sanity among other Armitage themed blogs I’ve encountered. (There’s much conceited individualistic craziness out there). Thank you.
    There’s a recent article about the old and new movie stars and the ageist Hollyweird I think may be of interest. To access it, as it does not allow a direct link, google “How old Cary Grant? Financial Times”

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