Sunday SmoRAgasbord: Simmering, Scorching, Sweet


He’s banquet-worthy, binge-worthy, the divine path to repleteness.





After all this scorching, smouldering and simmering, we need a little sweetness. Enter Harry.

After all this scorching, smouldering and simmering, we need a little sweetness. Enter Harry.

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    • He is indeed a man of many faces and he doesn’t need a lot of prosthetics, either. I remember how the expression I saw on his face as Heinz was different from anything I had seen before. And yes, there is beauty of its own to be found in each. I haven’t done a lot this weekend except rest after not sleeping Friday night. Weird dreams! LOL

      • I didn’t do much last weekend either. I’m going to have a blood test tomorrow morning before which I had to go on a 3-day diet, was only allowed to consume 300 kcal/day. So I just slept a lot! Still squeezed in Les Miserables on Sunday evening. Wasn’t overly impressed, I have to say. I think (bias aside) The Hobbit is a much better movie. THough of course it’s a different genre so hard to compare. But still!

        • Poor Judit, probably didn’t feel like doing anything but sleeping under those circumstances. I think certain movies (like certain books 😉 ) are especially hyped and categorized as “great movies” when there may not be as much real substance there as implied. EW listed 25 movies to watch before Oscar Night and LM was one of them. A reader called them on its inclusion because their critic (who gave TH a B plus) gave a Les Mis a very mixed review and a grade of C. LOL As you say, different genres are hard to compare, but for whatever reasons, Les Mis seems destined to win a fair number of awards, whether or not it fully deserves them. ?!

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