Amaranthine Armitage: an unfading beauty


There are legends that tell of a flower, the amaranth, possessing a blossom that never fades. From that root we get the word amaranthine–an undying, unfading beauty.

I think there has always been beauty in Richard Armitage’s visage. A beauty hinted out, promised, not yet fully realized; beauty, nonetheless, of a coltish kind. Those eyes are so arresting and speak of an intelligence and sensitivity within.  And that smile. Shy and so sweet.

richard 22




It’s a rather unique beauty, not of the cookie cutter type. Nothing assembly line about Mr. A’s good looks.  The strong, aquiline nose, thin, delicate lips, elfin ears, gazelline neck–features into which he had to grow.



As he has grown older, Richard has simply gotten better. Not only has his talent flourished, his good looks have, too. Just when you think the man couldn’t possibly become more attractive, he manages to do just that. The lines and crinkles, the flecks of grey in his hair, all come together to give that handsome face even more strength and character.  It seems to speak of a man who knows how to live, learn and love well.

Amaranthine Armitage. Long may his unfading beauty continue to delight us.


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  1. What a perfect word to describe this multi-talented gorgeous man! He seems to become more and more beautiful as the years pass and your pictures leading up to this latest one are truly great examples! *sigh* The denim outfit and the footwear look very similar to what we saw him wearing when he and Martin arrived back in NZ. The shirt seems to have the same white buttons!

  2. Amaranthine. Beautiful word this one! I totally agree with you, Angie! Richard is getting better and better. Time has been very generous to him.

    • It sort of rolls nicely off the tongue, doesn’t it? Would like to hear Richard say it. 😉 Sometimes as the years pass we see all the uglier aspect of a person’s interior imprint themselves on the exterior–anger, jealousy, dissipation–and of course, ill health can greatly alter a person’s appearance. Richard appears healthy, fit and in a good place in his head and heart. 😀

    • That form of yoga should come with some medical caveats. Don’t try it if you have heart issues, or if your fluid metabolism is wonky.

        • So glad you’re feeling better! Fingers crossed for you. Lucky the pirate king sends a hearty “arrrgh” and a purr. He can’t decide between pouncing and cuddling just now.

          • Awwwwww. I love Lucky and I have never met him, except through his lovely little pictures. 😀 Thumper, who is curled up on my rose print pajamas folded at end of bed, sends greetings back to you. Callie was in here, but had to dash out. 😉

  3. I like “amaranthine”; it suits Richard. Yet “amaranth” has been used to name a cereal-type food that is even less interesting than oats. To me, Richard is much more interesting and indeed nourishing than that.

    • Yeah, I found out it has several meanings–there is a plant (herb?) called amaranth and it can also refer to a purplish-red color as well as this boring cereal of which you speak. 😉 So I just stuck with the meaning that reminded me of RA. 😀

      • My poor friend who has a lot of gastro-intestinal issues used to eat “delicacies” (?) made of amaranth. You can buy these things at health food stores here in Hungary.

  4. That’s what I love about blogs such as this! It’s educational, in that we learn new words or are reminded of some we might have forgotten; we get to look at wonderful pictures of this gorgeous we all love so much and to top it’s all off, it so much FUN!!!! 😀

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