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Marvelously Mellifluous Mr. Armitage: TAE Word of the Day


This is one of those words that I love to say: mellifluous. It flows so beautifully.

And I love its meaning and how I connect it to Richard Armitage. Mellifluous (adjective): pleasant to hear, pleasant and soothing to listen to, and sweet and rich in tone. Oh, my–isn’t he just??

Synonyms for mellifluous include smooth, flowing, melodious, honeyed, silky, mellow, dulcet, soothing.

So, let’s listen to a little of Mr. A’s honeyed, melodious, mellifluous voice.

Anyone else getting Black Sky Fever?


Todd Garner, producer of Black Sky, Richard Armitage’s next film project, is teasing and tempting us again via Twitter.These showed up today:


Richard. Wet. Shirt clinging to his wet skin. Richard. Wet.


Awwww. Richard as good dad Gary, with cutie Nathan Kress as his son. I love Richard in Caring Dad Mode. While we are at it, let’s look at some other Black Sky images of our TDHBEW.



Told you he looked good wet. Above, the genuine fake movie poster I made for Black Sky which got a positive comment from Todd Garner. 😀

Todd, if you had any doubts the Ardent Armitage Aficionados were eagerly looking forward to the chance to see more of Richard on the big screen–put them aside. Bring on the tornado and that handsome and heroic Oklahoma school teacher, Gary Morris!

Armitage is not lymphatic.


lymphatic: (adjective) (1) sluggish; lacking energy. (2) of or relating to lymph.

It was formally believed that an excess of lymph in the system resulted in sluggishness. Comes from the Latin lympha (lymph, water).

When I saw this as my word.a.day entry and read the first definition, I smiled to myself. “That’s definitely NOT Richard Armitage. He may have to fuel himself with Cokes and espressos on occasion, but lacking energy, he’s surely not.”  (photos/screencaps courtesy of Richard Armitage Net)

Armitage is Not Lymphatic

Richard Armitage, with performances so dramatic

Rich with talent, on that subject I’m emphatic;

Long hours you work, perfecting your craft,

to call you lazy, would simply be daft!


Around the world, so many miles,

signed autographs, shared gorgeous smiles,

Gave interviews, answered thoughtfully,

You made us all proud–well, naturally!


You always remain the affable gent

sweetly cheeky–just heaven-sent!

but what you aren’t is a man lymphatic

of that fact, I am quite emphatic.