Anyone else getting Black Sky Fever?


Todd Garner, producer of Black Sky, Richard Armitage’s next film project, is teasing and tempting us again via Twitter.These showed up today:


Richard. Wet. Shirt clinging to his wet skin. Richard. Wet.


Awwww. Richard as good dad Gary, with cutie Nathan Kress as his son. I love Richard in Caring Dad Mode. While we are at it, let’s look at some other Black Sky images of our TDHBEW.



Told you he looked good wet. Above, the genuine fake movie poster I made for Black Sky which got a positive comment from Todd Garner. 😀

Todd, if you had any doubts the Ardent Armitage Aficionados were eagerly looking forward to the chance to see more of Richard on the big screen–put them aside. Bring on the tornado and that handsome and heroic Oklahoma school teacher, Gary Morris!

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  1. Oh, pooh! I was hoping that this movie would be released soon! Next December will be busy indeed if it’s release date is Dec, 31st!

    • Yeah, I was hoping for this spring. Poor RA–well, I doubt he’ll have to do as much publicity for Black Sky since it’s a much smaller-budget film. But it’s still going to be busy for him.

        • That won’t be uncommon that it takes so long and I think the release schedule for 2013 is already pretty full. I’m much more interested in finding out what he does next.

          • Well, I am interested in that, too, naturally. We were discussing that at Twitter earlier. Was just hoping Gary would hit our screens sooner. 😉 I figure he’s going to be trying to line something up, just knowing Richard.

            • I’m curious, too. Richard is not one to be idle for long. But I was thinking selfishly because “Black Sky” is not likely to be distributed here, although it might show up dubbed for a week. DVD will be the only way I expect to see it.

              • Well, I feel selfish and greedy myself. And impatient. Richard, it’s all your fault, my dear fellow. And Leigh does need her fix in sunny Spain . . .

              • It isn’t likely to be distributed in Hungary either. Richard’s not a big enough name yet. I’m sure it’ll show up on TV- dubbed of course- in a few years’ time. I’ll have 2get the DVD I suppose.

  2. Mini Me will go berserk…she is a huge fan of iCarly (Nathan Kress was one of the stars) and a newly converted RA acolyte…double dip 🙂 If only her mean Mom would let her watch something like this! (Not happening by the way – every time we have a tornado warning, she goes ballistic!)

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