Mighty Thorin: What a Dwarf!




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  1. *thud* oh my, this is not going to help me recover from my current Thorin-love obsession! *fans self* just what the doctor ordered 😉

  2. I love Thorin!

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  3. OMG, Thorin as a young hero – swoonworthy. Too bad these scenes were so short. Oh well, makes me look forward to the DVD even more 😀 And I wouldn’t kick out Thorin the smith either 😉

    • He was like some Norse god in those scenes. Amazing. Yeah, think of all the pausing and rewinding one can do. 😉 Thorin the mighty smithy was quite stirring on his own. 😉

  4. You know, for someone who was pretty ambivalent about the whole Thorin thing, I must confess to being won over – he isn’t my favorite chaRActer, but he is pretty special!

  5. For me it’s all about Thorin at the moment. He’s just so majestic and brave and sexy and all with a slightly bad attitude which makes him even more appealing! I have a picture of Thorin on my desktop at the moment and while I was doing some work yesterday my 5 year old daughter walked in and asked me why I had a picture of Jesus on my computer! I has to explain that it was a man that mummy thought was hadsome. I don’t think she got it as she wrinkled up her nose and said he was silly!

      • yes maybe, but somehow Thorin seems to be a more rugged, less angelic version!! (Definately less angelic in my mind anyway Tee Hee)

        • Well, Jesus did give the sellers in the Temple a mighty stern talking to worthy of Thorin. 😉 He wasn’t always “meek and mild. 😉

  6. I’m seeing Thorin again this evening although I’ve already seen it with hubby. Now my sly plan is of going with one girlfriend at a time. Wonder when the dvd will come out? I’m really looking forward to my own private viewings!

    • Sorry, this went into moderation for some reason, Milly. Hope you had a good time seeing it. Still want to see it a second time. RL has intervened. 😉 I did read somewhere that it was supposed to be released at the end of March, but who knows? Sure would be nice to help tide us over, especially if Black Sky really isn’t coming out until very end of year or next year.

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