Random bits of Richard Armitage: Sighted in NYC! And MORE


It’s a wet, chilly, nasty January day. We need some Armitage relief! (We’ll toss in a certain cute (if profane) Hobbit, too.)


Here’s a delightful cartoon by dear Awkward Celeb Encounters documenting Kat’s somewhat embarrassing sighting of “Thorin F**king Oakenshield” himself at an off-Broadway play in NYC. Be sure and check it out! 😉


With mention of a blue plaid scarf, I am also envisioning sweet Harry Kennedy. I bet the blue looked great with his eyes! *thud*


And here’s a quote from Tumblr by Nathan Kress, who plays one of Richard’s character’s teenage sons in Black Sky:




How was it working with Richard Armitage? 

“As most of you guys know, I’m a huge LOTR fan, and Richard Armitage, who plays Thorin Oakenshield in “The Hobbit” which just came out actually plays my dad, which was AWESOME but super intimidating because he’s a very intense person who is very … his voice I think is what was most challenging to me because he has such a commanding voice about him. He is yelling the entire time in the movie telling people to go from place to place and it really was kind of scary for me because I was being ordered around by a dwarf king which was pretty trippin’. Took a while to get used to, but it was super fun and he is a super nice guy.”

Nathan has also been tweeting with his fellow cast members, talking about how his heart “swelled with pride” whenever he saw Papa Thorin “being a baller” onscreen in The Hobbit. I adore all this RA love! 😀

Thorin GIF from Twitpics


Here’s a photo that surfaced of Richard and Martin that I hadn’t seen before. Assuming from attire it was taken during Tokyo leg of the press junket. 😀

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  1. Nathan wasn’t the only one whose heart swelled with pride at the sight of Thorin on the big screen! Boy really likes to use the adjective “super” doesn’t he? I don’t blame him, I bet it was super exciting to play the son or Richard!:D

    • Obviously he’s a bit star struck from working with Thorin Oakenshield himself, which is so endearing. 😉 Just as Richard felt awestruck by Gandalf. And I don’t blame him one bit either. 😀

  2. Thank you for linking to my webcomic! Drawing an awkward encounter with RA was a dream come true for me, and all the better that he seemed mostly oblivious to the trauma unfolding in front of him.

    Now Nathan Kress on RA: LOL – a baller! Now I’ve got Jay-Z rapping in my head….and the lyrics are NSFW!

    • Oh, you are welcome! I know the ladies who aren’t on Twitter or Tumblr will get such a kick out of this account. 😀

      I loved Nathan’s comments. Richard is racking up new fans left and right. Wonder if he ever sings Jay-Z in the shower?! 😉

      • I have to admit I do miss the hot pink shirt and the bearded beauty a little bit but it won’t take long to get used to this new helping of gorgeousness in the background!

          • Thanks how very thoughtful of you! Yes, it’s nice to have a change every now and then.Maybe I should change my avi pic? Though I am awfully fond of this pic of Portah…

      • As I said earlier, Angie, this photo, er, “rocks my world” and in Leigh’s words, “this one” (you know what I mean, don’t you Leigh? and no I haven’t forgotten).Even if the backwards parting did have me confounded for a while (well it was early morning – not a good time).

    • As I told you earlier (directly) this photo, er, “rocks my world” and in Leigh’s words, “this one!” (you know what I’m referring to, don’t you Leigh? And, no, I haven’t forgotten!) Although the backwards parting caught me momentarily on the hop.
      So, yeah, wot Judit said.

      • Hey, Wydville! Still owe you a response to email, working my way thru comments and Twitter. 😉 I just like to mess with y’all’s minds now and again. This is simply a breathtaking photo and a heck of a lot of fun to play with in photo editing, let me tell ya.

        Glad you liked. 😀

        • I soooo hate this *bleep* tablet! Gimme an old fashioned keyboard any ol’ day of the week! Tablet’s fault I’m repeating myself and appearing as anonymoys . And the typos

          • Yup, there’s a reason why I stick with my trusty laptop and traditional keyboard. I make enough mistakes with it! LOL No worries, you aren’t the first and won’t be the last.

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