Guyday Friday arrives early!


BeFunky_rh103_039guysun“I’m tired, Sir Guy,” Ladywriter said, smothering a yawn. “I am seriously thinking of reading a bit more of that Anne Perry book and then packing it in.”

“You do know you shall likely awake at 3 a.m. if you fall asleep before ten.” Sir Guy tilted his dark head and raised one skeptical brow.

She smothered another yawn. “Yep, I know. But it was a long day. The way that wind kept roaring–I thought we were back in South Dakota for a while–and if I wake up, well, I wake up.”

Ladywriter took off her glasses and rubbed her eyes, which were watering like mad. “Don’t worry, dear Sir Guy. I will put up the first Guyday Friday post early.”  Slipping her glasses back on, she glanced up at him with a smile. “After all, can’t disappoint your devoted admirers, can we?”

A flash of gleaming white teeth.  “Oh, no. That would never do,” Sir Guy purred.

She loved it when he purred . . .BeFunky_guywallpaper




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  1. There are Pavlov’s dogs and now Gisborne’s dogs. When they hear “Guy” they think it’s Friday ! It’s Guyday Friday !!!!

  2. Oh, Angie, what a wonderful bday prezzie – and nice and early too. It’s snowing like mad here, so my life is complete! Only one more thing would make it totally perfect: Fault magazine landing on my mat.

  3. Oh Angie this is lovely and pictures are gorgeous just what I need today to warm me up. As predicted the snow is really bad today my area (the Midlands not far from were Richard was born) has some of the worst snow. Been snowing all day and not due to stop until late tonight thank goodness for Guyday Friday YAY!!!!!

    • How much snow have you had? My niece had planned to drive up to (just outside) Shrewsbury this afternoon, but needless to say it’s under review! It started here (west London) at dead on 8.30 this morning and hasn’t stopped – in fact it’s getting progressively heavier.

  4. Hi wydville i’m in a little village just o/s Wolverhampton on the main road to Shrewsbury it’s been flaming awful. Snowed all day schools shut some buses/trains cancelled. Main road was a bit dicey the new snow covered all the grit. Suppose we’ve had about 6ins. Just got in from work very cold wind now blowing the snow about. Oh well the dog loves it anyway lol.

    • Hey aj daisy, small world 🙂 I’m guessing somewhere between M54 and A41. Beautiful part of the country. I love that bit of the M54 (heading west) level with Wellington with the Wrekin on your left when you crest the hill and you have – what looks like – the whole of Shropshire laid before you. It’s my “coming home” moment. It’s not really home but my father moved to “Shroppie” in the 70s and although he died some years ago we still all go up frequently to visit not-so-wicked stepmother. Niece didn’t make it btw…

      • Awww, guys, I want to come to England again (maybe not now, but when the weather’s nicer LOL) and see more of the country. We were mainly in London with some travel through the countryside and we went to Canterbury and Windsor. I so felt at home there.

      • Yeah I’m in Tettenhall which is probably the residential area before you hit the M54. It’s beautiful around here I was born & breed here and I wouldn’t want to be anywere else. Sorry your niece didn’t make it snowed right into the night last night few snow flurries today but a bitterly cold easterly wind

  5. Be careful out there! I suggest dry wool socks (I like to imagine that Guy thinks they’re sexy), dark hot chocolate, a cheerful fire in the grate, and staying in when it gets too icy. Here in Valle de Guardiaro, it’s almost but not quite freezing so we are getting rain, rather than snow. But the skiing up near Granada is great.

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