It’s Oakenshield Time!



Reminds me of the male reviewers and fans who have admitted to a “mancrush” on Thorin. Look, guys, resistance is futile.


I could use a new watch. But then I would always be looking at my watch–even when I had no deadlines to meet. People would wonder about the glazed look of utter bliss on my face. Might be worrying if the drool starts rolling down my chin . . .


I never tire of creating various incarnations of young Glamour Thorin. *sigh* Such a “don’t hate me because I’m beautiful” look.


Oh, those eyes and eyelashes in the firelight . . . the golden Dwarf.


An amused Thorin takes measure of the little burglar-to-be. He’s not impressed.


I want to play with that braid. And stroke his beard. And . . . oh, you know.

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  1. I’ve also fallen under Thorin’s charm spell, Richard I can’t believe you’ve made me have a such a crush on a dwarf…

  2. My sister didn’t understand my RA addiction and rolled her eyes everytime I speak of him but yesterday she watched the Hobbit and made me laugh ! She was embarrassed to say that the head Dwarf was stunning !!! She repeated several times “you know he is the leading character, he is the leading character in the film”. OMG the Thorin’s eyes effect !!!!

  3. Oh Angie these pictures are just what I need they are beautiful. It’s so cold here in England at the moment, sleet, snow, ice, winds you name it we seem to have it and it’s expected to get a whole lot worse tomorrow (Friday). So I think i will hibernate with Thorin today and Guy tomorrow. What do you think? Good idea?

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