Thorin Thursday: Good things DO come in small packages



I’ve always gone for taller guys–until I meet the regal warrior dwarf named Thorin. Yowza!


Oh, Thorin, I can hear your mellifluous baritone serenading me now . . .


It’s wintry weather here right now so this bit of fanart seemed appropriate. And he’s so lovely in shades of blue. 😉


Hmmmm. I am in the mood for something delicious . . .


OK, he does look a bit Jesus-like here, doesn’t he?


Because he IS, you know. Epic.

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  1. *sigh* well there goes my productive day! Now i must sit and gaze at the Epicness (is that a word!?) of Thorin – thanks again Angie. you are spoiling me lately!!!! 😉

  2. Guy Friday started early for me. We had snow/ ice/ rain starting at about 8:30 last night. No work today! I should be cleaning like a mad women. Instead, I’m squeezing in tiny bursts of cleaning in between Richarding, and playing WordTornado (another new obsession!)!!! I think maybe I’ll go exercise before the day is completely wasted!

  3. I must admit that I found a recording online and now THE gorgeous voice is my ringtone. Of course I don’t answer til the end….but they can leave me a message! I’m busy listening to warm, liquidy chocolate!

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