Daily Archives: January 18, 2013

Catnap, anyone??


My kitties had no trouble taking a nap this afternoon. Not that they have much trouble taking naps any old time.  Right now I’ve got Callie between the laptop and my chest. Hope she’s more comfy than I am. 😉  You will notice a couple of characters decided to snooze with them . . . on the unfolded laundry on bed. Well, a little cat hair hasn’t killed me yet!







Sir Guy isn’t surprised by Total Film “Sexiest Actors” poll


Richard Armitage is #5 on the list compiled by Total Film, based on readers’ votes.  Not bad at all for a guy who was relatively unknown not so very long ago!


Of course, I think he’s THE sexiest actor of all time.  And frankly, this fellow below helped cement that opinion.


“Of course my CReAtor is one of the sexiest male actors right now.” *sniffs in a manly way* “He brought ME to life, did he not? Am I not the Hottie from Nottie? The Sultan of Smoulder? Sex God Unparalleled? ” *smirks very sexily*