Did someone say “Sexiest?” Bring it on, Sir Guy!





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  1. Happy Guyday Friday to you Fedoralady and all on this great blog. I hope everyone is well. I apologise for my absence, I had real life things to deal with upon my return from my Christmas Holiday in Ireland. I’m just trying to catch up with everything. I think all of the above pictures are among my favourites, its impossible to make a choice. As an aside I managed to get to see The Hobbit for the second time last weekend, it was in 3D and 48fps. I found the 48fps makes a great difference, you could see all the characters in more detail.

    • I hope you had a good holiday and all is well with you and your family, June. It’s pretty much impossible for me to say one picture of Guy is my overall fave. I love so many!! Glad you got to enjoy TH again!

  2. Thank You. My Mum and family are all very well. We had a wonderful time. I hope you and your Husband and family and pets are well also. At least going to see The Hobbit this time, you didn’t have to think about Richard being in the same building. lol

  3. Thank you for the ‘Hot Stuff’ video, when you see the RH programme presented like this you realise just what the show gave us, i fear we will never have 30 weeks of entertainment like this again and although the writing was not the highest quality Guy was masterly in RA’s hands.

    • yes, we got far more of Guy than we have any other character and I doubt we will have as much of another character. *sigh* As usual, Richard worked his magic and made a silk purse out of what tended to be a sow’s ear at times with the uneven writing.

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