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So, I am now at Pinterest . . .


For any of you who are also hanging out there (or considering doing so), my user name is http://pinterest.com/fedoralady where I am part of two community boards, Black Sky and (surprise!) Richard Armitage.

English: Red Pinterest logo

English: Red Pinterest logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s fun to see and learn more about the young actors who will be acting alongside RA in Black Sky, particularly that supercute, supernice young Nathan Kress, who found his screen dad’s commanding presence (and voice!) a little intimidating in the beginning.  Will be interesting to see how this board expands as we grow closer to the release of the film (whenever that will happen).

English: Nathan Kress at the Nickelodeon Choic...

English: Nathan Kress at the Nickelodeon Choice Awards 2011. Sydney, Australia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve also got three boards of my own so far: Richard Armitage Owns Me, Fabulous Felines, and Words & Images That Inspire: RA & More.  There are a number of categories and scads of boards there; I’ve just touched the surface of what there is to discover.  It’s quite easy to sign up for Pinterest and you connect through Facebook or Twitter.

Pardon my relative lack of posts today. My sinuses are giving me grief on top of everything else, so once I had played with Pinterest a bit, I succumbed to a few hours of much-needed sleep (didn’t get any last night).  Hope you all are having a good weekend!

All this social media and Richard Armitage along with my stuffy sinuses has my head in a whirl (or is that a birl?).



RA in the Scottish Play: Video Clips


You may recall Richard mentioning when he spoke to the press at the Japanese premiere of The Hobbit that he’d already traveled to Tokyo. He first visited the city as part of an RSC touring company of Macbeth, performing the role of Angus during portions of 1999-2000.

The production, starring Antony Sher and Harriet Walter, was filmed for television at the Round House in London. Someone put together all the scenes with Richard into a video. Thought you might enjoy seeing a younger version of Bearded Richard (doesn’t he rock a beret? Angus, Ian, John Porter. Love it.) treading the boards in the Scottish play. Even with the “dirty” face, he’s quite fetching.  The intensity of those eyes. And, of course, there’s that voice . . .richard05


In 2005, Richard would play Peter Macduff in the BBC’s Shakespeare Retold:Macbeth and turn in another fine performance. James MacAvoy (who is about to perform in the lead role of Macbeth in London) and Keeley Hawes played the ambitious Macbeths.

EW’s egregious error, or Oscars are fine, but give me my dwarf


I just got around to looking at my copy of Entertainment Weekly. And I definitely have a bone to pick with you, EW. Those multiple covers for print subscribers you had apparently stopped doing?

Well, I see it’s back for the Oscar preview issue. Hey, Jessica and Daniel and Quvenzhane look great in their portraits along with Mr. Oscar himself on the front.  Best of luck to all of them.

But, why, oh why, couldn’t you have done the same blessed thing with the special Hobbit issue, pray tell? Instead I got stuck with a slightly constipated-looking Gandalf.

I love Sir Ian, don’t get me wrong–but it was the fierce warrior dwarf with the fire in his belly, wielding his mighty sword that I really, really wanted.

Did you get a lot of complaints about that egregious error, I wonder? Perhaps that is why you went back to the multiple cover special issues for those of us who still shell out bucks to read you the old-fashioned way . . .  all I can say is this. Assuming you DO another special issue for the second movie, I am expecting to get my multiple covers and one of them better feature Thorin.


Otherwise, I will be forced to unleash these guys on you. And they don’t mess around on mission. I’m just sayin’ . . .